Monday, October 31, 2016

Guagua Pan y Colada Morada

Well here in Ecuador we don't celebrate Halloween nor day of the dead. But at this time of the year the tradition is to make colada morada which is like this hot raspberry pineapple drink and it is so delicious and also guagua pan which means little breads that look like babies. Guagua is a word in Kichwa. So life is going here in Yaruqui everyone is giving us guagua pan and some colada morada.

I am really sorry to hear about the passing of my Great Grandpa George Samuel Roberts, he is the best. I am going to miss him. Fortunately I know of Gods perfect plan and know that I will be seeing my great Grandpa again. I am glad that our loving Heavenly Father allowed him to live such a long life at 98 years, that is such a great accomplishment. He was such a great example to me. Even tho we lived far away from each other, he is an amazing man and I am proud to be is great grandson. Even tho we didn't share the same religious beliefs, his great faith in our Savior Jesus Christ was immense and blessed my life in unimaginable ways. He helped me to get here on my mission. I know he is going to be very blessed for the much good that he has brought about here in the world. 

Well our golden family is more golden than ever. I just love them so much and it has been one of the biggest miracles in my life being able to meet them and teach them and see them grow in this gospel. Even tho I have only known them for a few short weeks, I have this feeling that I have always known them. They are always going to have a special place in my heart and I am excited for the 12th to see them make their first of many covenants with our loving Heavenly Father. We are trying to get our mission President to come to the baptism as well, it is going to be great. 

Yesterday we decided to spend some time contacting and my companion pointed to a big house that looked empty and was like hey lets knock this door and I wanted him to feel good and be happy so I followed him even tho I thought deep down inside that there was nobody there and we would be wasting our time. I was surprised as two young adults opened the door and even let us in, let us share our message, and wanted us to come back. I know my companion is a great missionary, he is really receptive to the spirit and he is a great blessing for me. 

Well, this week is going to be so busy, we just have so much stuff to do. There is way too much work to do, too many people to visit, and there just simply isn't enough time or enough people to do it all. I love you all, the mission is the best. I hope you all have a great week. 

Love, Elder Roberts

 My companion and I in front of the Quinche, where the Pope visited when he came here
 The beautiful Ecuadorian landscape

 The oven
With my all time favorite family of Yaruqui, la familia Quinchimbla Auqui, from youngest to oldest Nayra, Sarita, Prisila, Wilver, Wendy, Veronica, Wilver, the parents and their 12 year old daughter are going to get baptized the 12th, we are going to see if the dad can be able to baptize his other children two weeks after. They are so awesome.

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