Monday, October 17, 2016


Well, this has had to be one of the best weeks in my mission. For realz, I couldn't even write all of the miracles that we have seen. Elder Gehring and I are such a great companionship, the lord really knows what he was doing putting us together.  We are able to put our individual talents to help the people here progress and we are seeing a lot of progress here in this tiny branch in this beautiful part of Ecuador.

So, first of all last Tuesday we had capacitation with President which was super good. It was about how we can make sure our investigators are really ready for baptism and make sure that they have repented of their sins and it was super good. After that we had interviews with President. Holy cow, President Murphy is the best, I really enjoyed my interview with him he was able to give me some great counsels. I was kind of nervous tho because my whole district had their interview and than it was my turn and I walked in and President said have a seat Elder, ¨Elder your companion tells me that you aren't teaching him Spanish.....¨and I was like.....uhhhhh.....we are really only speaking Spanish when we study and leave the apartment, we only speak English at night and in the morning, and he said ¨he told me you are only teaching him kichwa¨and he started laughing.....and I was like....uhhhh hahaha. It was great. And then he was like ¨but is it true that you speak kichwa¨and I was like uhhhh.... a little bit. and he said do you know how to pray in kichwa and I was like yes and he said how about you say the opening prayer in kichwa and I did it and it was pretty cool beanz. And then he said he was just kidding that my companion told him that we practice Spanish but that elder Roberts is obsessed with learning kichwa lol. I love my companion and I love President.

So the miracle. My companion and I had some high goals this week and we reached all of them. We contacted so many people this week, and we contacted in the rain and we worked and worked and worked and prayed and prayed and prayed and had faith we had miracles. AND WE FOUND A FAMILY OF GOLD. OF GOLD. ABSOLUTE GOLD. Holy cow I cant explain how golden they are. They live right across the street form the chapel, all they have to do to get to church is cross the street. They are awesome, they are married so that wont impede them from their baptism and they are passing through some hard times and they love this gospel it is what they have been praying for, they are la famila Quichimba. They are just the cutest family ever, they are a family of 7 and 4 of them accepted a baptismal date for the 12th, and they all came to the 3 full hours of church yesterday. We visited them last night and they cried and told us they have been praying for help for their family and we knocked their door and this is exactly what they needed. oh my gosh they are just amazing. Please please pray and fast and fast and pray for them.

We had 9 investigators at church yesterday. My whole time here we have had like between 0 and 3 and yesterday we had 9, I know it not good to focus on numbers, but it is fun to focus on them when they are high.

Also we did some divisions yesterday with members and I think it was a good experience with my companion just being forced to be with Latinos, He is progressing with his Spanish, he is so awesome. holy cow. I love the mission.


I love you all. have a great week.
Elder Roberts
 Teaching Carmen
 Working hard
 Beautiful sunset as the sun hides behind the volcano Pichincha
 This is the worst drink I have had in my mission. It is like squash and a type of banana. 
 Chilling on our roof
 District Activity in da mall
Hey dad, there's payless here in Quito

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