Monday, September 28, 2015


MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED.DANG.THAT IS AWESOME. I still don't know the guy personally yet, but I have heard a lot of great things and I know my sister has really high standards so I have complete confidence all is well. I wasn't really surprised or shocked opening the emails, because I saw it coming and yeah congrats Mallory. You will be a great mom to my future nieces and nephews.

So this week was pretty uneventful. We finally had investigators in the sacrament meeting, I can't tell you how happy I was to be sitting in the middle of the bench between my investigators and my less actives, greatest feeling in the world.

So I actually haven't bible bashed at all this week. I was given the absolute perfect opportunity in the morning. Someone knocked on our gate and we looked out the window to see who it was and we saw it was the Jehovah's witness missionaries. We were like OH YEAH. so we threw on some regular clothes took off our name tags and answered the door and I was like time for some bible bashing. They gave us some pamphlets and then the guy said can we share some scriptures with you and we were like yeah. He whipped out his bible and I was like alright here comes the macheting, but the spirit was like Logan don't contend, then I was ready to contend, but really strongly it told me don't contend. so I heeded the prompting and I was like thanks for sharing that message with us and then I was like thanks for what you do for helping others have faith in God. I felt good. I think I am going to try to give up more the bible bashing.

I am really pumped for General Conference this upcoming week. I cant believe that it has already been a year since the general conference that I was blessed to go to with all of my friends. I felt the spirit so strong that session and I know for a fact that Thomas S. Prophet is a living prophet who speaks face to face with Jesus and that he holds the keys to the Kingdom of God here on the Earth, I will never be able to deny the feelings that I had in that conference. I think it will be really cool that 3 new apostles will be called, Richard G. Scott, L. Tom Perry, and Boyd K. Packer are all continuing the work in the spirit world, but I know that God has prepared three special men to help guide us in these letter days.

If you haven't written me a letter. repent and write me a letter. 
With love, Elder Roberts

My little friend. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Viva La Musica

Hey if anyone from Encore is reading this do you remember that song we sang? haha Viva La Musica?
Anyways, this week was special because I got to participate a lot with music. This old lady who is less active physically cant leave her house, because her husband is like critically sick and needs her there every second, so she doesn't get many visitors. I felt impressed to sing a hymn for her, my companion doesn't like singing, so I sang a solo, I did the first part in Spanish and the second part in English. She was crying and I felt glad that I could do that. I got to play the Violin twice this week. We had like a branch family home evening on Saturday and I played a medley of Come Come Ye Saints and I know that My Redeemer Lives, and then the Branch President asked me if I could play something on Sunday, so I played I need thee every hour. I love music so much, I know that music can be just as sacred as prayer and I am so blessed to be able to share my talents with the beautiful people here in Ecuador.
This week I had some pretty humbling experiences, we met some really poor families. Probably some of the poorest families I have seen in my life. Like you can see poverty and stuff on the Internet, but you don't really know what the word means until you see it with your own eyes. My companion and I were contacting a pretty rich neighborhood and as usual everyone was catholic and didn't want to listen to us and I saw this little hut in a field probably like a 7 minute walk away, I said lets go there. We went there and there were these 2 little kids who were super surprised, I think it was their first time that they had seen a gringo. Anyways, we asked if their parents were home and the dad came out and pulled chairs out and helped carry his wife out and it was obvious she was sick. the problem is they are too poor to go to the hospital and stuff, so we gave her a priesthood blessing. The next day she was feeling a little better and we were able to share a little bit of a lesson, and she told us her life story. Holy Cow, I have so much respect for her, everything bad that you could possibly have happen to you during your life has happened to this woman and I don't cry much in lessons, but I started to cry. This family literally has nothing, nothing, nothing. both the parents are handicapped and cant work and the kids are too young to work, so my companion and I did a little grocery shopping and spent like 10 dollars buying some basic foods and stuff, but I cant believe I was like sad in high school for not having a car. Seeing people here that don't have anything temporal but are still soooo happy happier than us in the U.S. Money doesn't matter at all.  I would have an infinitely more happier life living on a dirt floor and wearing the same clothes every day and only eating rice and living with my family with happiness in the Gospel than having all the cool new things of the world and not having the inner happiness of having a happy family. I love my family, I am grateful for humility, my parents have always been great examples, and I am grateful for this mission and so much it has taught me.

Elder Roberts

Lots of pictures from Ecuador!!!

These mountains are in Colombia 

 My old sector is that mountain

Monday, September 14, 2015


Ok, so this week we continued on our quest to get investigators, we had a miracle at the end of the week in the fact that we got 2 new investigators and they both have potential, but the whole week seemed like we weren't really getting anywhere. I cant tell you how many doors I knocked on and got slammed on my face. I have learned that Tulcan is probs the most hardcore catholic place on the earth. these are the three main reactions I get.
1. Automatic door slammed in the face
2. they ask if we worship Mary and afterwords slam the door in our face
3. they tell us they were born catholic and will die catholic and then slam the door in our face.

 Other reactions I have gotten include:
Getting pushed out of the doorway and falling down stairs
Getting flipped off and yelled at some choice words
A watter Balloon thrown at me?  
and occasionally a Jehovah's witness. Speaking of Jehovah witnesses this lady was like one minute and she came back with her bible and tried to bible bash with us and I used her own bible and she couldn't defend herself, I know the spirit of contention is bad, but it was kind of fun. 

We had a ton of success with less actives this week. We are having so much success with less actives, we had a ton at church. Our mission President said if we spend half of our time with less actives our baptisms will double, so we spend the majority of our time with less actives. I am so grateful that the saviors arms are always open, it is never ever too late to join and it is never impossible for the atonement to forgive us of our sins. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ, this opportunity as a missionary is probably the biggest blessing in my life other than my awesome mom and family I miss them.

This week in Gospel Doctrines class the lesson was on the roles of the Parents in a family and the teacher was like everyone loves their mom. And I stood up and Said, I miss my mom and everyone was laughing so hard. Mom, I miss you.

Well, keep on writing me, I love you all, send me goodie boxes. haha. CHAO 
Elder Roberts

Its green here in Ecuador 
 Me and my first district leader Elder Ramponi
 I contacted the catholic bishop, I don't think he likes that. 
Doing service

Monday, September 7, 2015

El Santo Sacerdocio

When I got my mission call to Ecuador I was thinking like a hot tropical paradise and I am living in Antarctica right now and it is super cooollllldddddd..... super cold haha. 

So this week I was privileged to help out giving a lot of priesthood blessings. For those of you who have know clue what priesthood means it is the authority and power of God that he gives to worthy men to act in his name. You can only obtain it by receiving it through the laying on of hands from someone who holds it. ( I have no clue how to explain this stuff in English) anyways, there was a really special blessing I got to give. One of the less active families we are working with has this sweet little daughter named Emily who is 5 years old. Every night she has horrible sleeping problems because she has hardcore nightmares and is always scared and waking up her parents, so I gave her a blessing of peace and strength that she could be able to sleep well. I felt the spirit so strong this blessing, I felt like I wasn't saying what I wanted to say, but I felt like I was guided by the spirit and that the Lord put words into my mouth, I think I said a couple verbs in Spanish that I didn't even know what they meant, it was a cool experience that I will never forget.

We haven't had much luck with finding investigators this week, we are doing everything we possibly can to find someone to teach, but nothing really seems to be working, but I don't feel too bad because I know we are giving it our absolute best and that is all that matters, on the other side we are learning how to contact a whole lot better and we are having a lot of success finding and reactivating less actives, so it is pretty cool. 

Well, I hope you all have a good week, I hope you all write me letters. 
Gracias, con amor your amigo 
I am a Missionary.
this guy teaches me kichua
its me mario
do you see something wrong with this picture