Monday, September 14, 2015


Ok, so this week we continued on our quest to get investigators, we had a miracle at the end of the week in the fact that we got 2 new investigators and they both have potential, but the whole week seemed like we weren't really getting anywhere. I cant tell you how many doors I knocked on and got slammed on my face. I have learned that Tulcan is probs the most hardcore catholic place on the earth. these are the three main reactions I get.
1. Automatic door slammed in the face
2. they ask if we worship Mary and afterwords slam the door in our face
3. they tell us they were born catholic and will die catholic and then slam the door in our face.

 Other reactions I have gotten include:
Getting pushed out of the doorway and falling down stairs
Getting flipped off and yelled at some choice words
A watter Balloon thrown at me?  
and occasionally a Jehovah's witness. Speaking of Jehovah witnesses this lady was like one minute and she came back with her bible and tried to bible bash with us and I used her own bible and she couldn't defend herself, I know the spirit of contention is bad, but it was kind of fun. 

We had a ton of success with less actives this week. We are having so much success with less actives, we had a ton at church. Our mission President said if we spend half of our time with less actives our baptisms will double, so we spend the majority of our time with less actives. I am so grateful that the saviors arms are always open, it is never ever too late to join and it is never impossible for the atonement to forgive us of our sins. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ, this opportunity as a missionary is probably the biggest blessing in my life other than my awesome mom and family I miss them.

This week in Gospel Doctrines class the lesson was on the roles of the Parents in a family and the teacher was like everyone loves their mom. And I stood up and Said, I miss my mom and everyone was laughing so hard. Mom, I miss you.

Well, keep on writing me, I love you all, send me goodie boxes. haha. CHAO 
Elder Roberts

Its green here in Ecuador 
 Me and my first district leader Elder Ramponi
 I contacted the catholic bishop, I don't think he likes that. 
Doing service

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