Monday, April 27, 2015


Ok, so this week was really cool. It has been pretty here in Quito and clear and Sunny and we have been able to see the volcanos most of this week.

There is this less active we have been working with and have been pretty direct with him that he needs to come to church and stuff, but we decided to take another approach and had him share his testimony of why he was baptised and it was powerful. I love that we can remember spiritual experiences we have had to remember even if it is hard now that God really does manifest his love to us.

Silvia went to the temple! she got to do baptisms, it is amazing how much the Gospel has changed her life.

We explored a new part of the sector where it was all farms of indigenous people and their catholic priest told them not to listen to missionaries, so it wasn´t really successful, but we were able to help some old ladies with service.

I love you all and appreciate your prayers and support. I hope all goes well. 

Elder Roberts
Me with Elder Collaguaso, he leaves on his mission today

My companion is Captain America

Monday, April 20, 2015


So it rained a lot this week. There was intense lightning every night and some parts of Ecuador had landslides and such. Just part of life I guess.
These are the roads I get to walk

So today was really fun. We went to downtown Quito and went bowling with Elder Leong and Elder Urquieta. The bowling alley was in a really nice mall in Quito and it was like the first time in my mission being in a nice building so that was cool. The mall blasted American music and I got trunky. I think besides family and friends I miss music the most. But it is all good
We went bowling

On Tuesday I had divisions with Elder Guevera from Peru and that was cool. My companion Elder Rodriguez and I had a sister from the Relief Society Presidency with us for one of our lessons and all was going well when this old drunk man that lived in the house slammed the door and started yelling at us. I am super used to drunk people so it wasn´t really a big deal for me or my companion but the Hermana we had with us looked like she had a heart attack. All in all it was pretty funny.

We saw some good progress this week. Our little investigator pool is doing well. I love seeing the way the Lord can change lives. I hope all is well with everyone and I appreciate your love and support. 

Elder Roberts
To the back left of me is the volcano cayambe
I did some macheting

This is La Bota

Monday, April 13, 2015

We baptized the chapel

Ok, so this week the other elders had a baptism on Saturday, so my companion and I and the two elders with the baptism went in the morning to start filling up the font. There was a little confusion and misunderstanding I guess about someone else turning the water off before the baptism. Long story short we showed up to the baptism and there was all this water outside the building and we were all like oops. the whole building had like an inch of water.hahahahahaha. Oh my gosh. So with four elders and some brooms and mops we spent like an hour getting all the water out. Fortunately the whole building was tile, so there was like zero water damage and it looks a lot cleaner now  In the bishops office some of the carpet was wet, but we joked with the members about it being a baptism for the chapel. hahahahah never going to forget that experience. The baptism continued and the church is good and all is well in Zion.

I had one of the best experiences on my mission yesterday. Elder Morgan and I the last couple weeks struggled getting investigators to church. It is always sad when you show up and nobody is there. Yesterday Elder Rodriguez and I got up at 6 30 and in our pajamas went outside and knocked on all of our investigators doors to make sure they were coming to church and then when church started we had 8 investigators there, and 2 with a baptismal date. I was so happy to see so many people there. I was so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that blessed us to have his children feel the spirit at church

I really have faith that Elder Rodriguez and I are going to continue to see miracles this change. I hope all of you are doing well. I am doing better. My leg is a little sore sometimes, and sometimes it is just straight up hard to be a missionary. My spanish is coming along fine. I am now only studying the scriptures and preach my gospel in Spanish. I love spanish. I hope I have the chance to speak with those of you who know it well after the mission. ON a side note, I found American candy today, I bought skittles and oreos, holy cow it was amazing. I love you all, have a good week!

Chao, Elder Roberts

My favorite picture I have taken on the mission.  See the volcano in the background?

 Elder Rodriguez and I scripture cases

the view from elder Leong´s apartment. it is so pretty here

Monday, April 6, 2015

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet

How did you all enjoy conference this week? I would love to hear what you liked about conference and what talks were your favorite. I loved every second of conference. They say conference is better than Christmas on the mission and that is true. I have never had so much of a reason to anticipate the words of the prophets and it was amazing how each of them individually struck me with thoughts of how I can change to be better and the infinite and perfect love that my Heavenly Father has for me. We had a gringo room. All the Latinos watched in the chapel and us gringo missionaries watched in a side room in English and we all brought snacks and it was a great experience.

I remember being blessed to see the prophet when I was at BYU. I remember when he walked in the room and everyone stood up and I was touched by the Spirit in a way I never experienced prior. I know he is the lord´s servant. I remember turning to Jayden who I was standing next to and saying yep, the church is true and walking back to the dorm from devotional just talking about how true the church is.

So I guess Ecuador Played Argentina in soccer on Tuesday in New York. It was a huge deal down here, but Ecuador lost 1 to 2 so shout out to Argentina and my bro Jayden serving down there. 

I went on divisions with Elder Chavez and Elder Leong this week, I love divisions. These two elders have a ton of experience and it was incredible learning for them, we found a ton of future investigators. 

I got a new companion this week! We had changes today and Elder Morgan left for the coast. I am now with Elder Rodriguez in my same sector here in Calderon, he is 20 years old from Arizona and he has a really good reputation. He is assuming the role as district leader here and I am really excited to learn from him and work hard. 

This week was amazing. The Lord has blessed this little sector in so many ways. I hope everyone takes care. I love you all.

Elder Roberts

some weird hat
Elder Chavez and I got pizza

Me with the Familia Flores. They are awesome