Monday, April 20, 2015


So it rained a lot this week. There was intense lightning every night and some parts of Ecuador had landslides and such. Just part of life I guess.
These are the roads I get to walk

So today was really fun. We went to downtown Quito and went bowling with Elder Leong and Elder Urquieta. The bowling alley was in a really nice mall in Quito and it was like the first time in my mission being in a nice building so that was cool. The mall blasted American music and I got trunky. I think besides family and friends I miss music the most. But it is all good
We went bowling

On Tuesday I had divisions with Elder Guevera from Peru and that was cool. My companion Elder Rodriguez and I had a sister from the Relief Society Presidency with us for one of our lessons and all was going well when this old drunk man that lived in the house slammed the door and started yelling at us. I am super used to drunk people so it wasn´t really a big deal for me or my companion but the Hermana we had with us looked like she had a heart attack. All in all it was pretty funny.

We saw some good progress this week. Our little investigator pool is doing well. I love seeing the way the Lord can change lives. I hope all is well with everyone and I appreciate your love and support. 

Elder Roberts
To the back left of me is the volcano cayambe
I did some macheting

This is La Bota

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