Monday, September 7, 2015

El Santo Sacerdocio

When I got my mission call to Ecuador I was thinking like a hot tropical paradise and I am living in Antarctica right now and it is super cooollllldddddd..... super cold haha. 

So this week I was privileged to help out giving a lot of priesthood blessings. For those of you who have know clue what priesthood means it is the authority and power of God that he gives to worthy men to act in his name. You can only obtain it by receiving it through the laying on of hands from someone who holds it. ( I have no clue how to explain this stuff in English) anyways, there was a really special blessing I got to give. One of the less active families we are working with has this sweet little daughter named Emily who is 5 years old. Every night she has horrible sleeping problems because she has hardcore nightmares and is always scared and waking up her parents, so I gave her a blessing of peace and strength that she could be able to sleep well. I felt the spirit so strong this blessing, I felt like I wasn't saying what I wanted to say, but I felt like I was guided by the spirit and that the Lord put words into my mouth, I think I said a couple verbs in Spanish that I didn't even know what they meant, it was a cool experience that I will never forget.

We haven't had much luck with finding investigators this week, we are doing everything we possibly can to find someone to teach, but nothing really seems to be working, but I don't feel too bad because I know we are giving it our absolute best and that is all that matters, on the other side we are learning how to contact a whole lot better and we are having a lot of success finding and reactivating less actives, so it is pretty cool. 

Well, I hope you all have a good week, I hope you all write me letters. 
Gracias, con amor your amigo 
I am a Missionary.
this guy teaches me kichua
its me mario
do you see something wrong with this picture

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