Monday, October 10, 2016


WELL THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING. First off, I won a Pokem Go t shirt so I hope you all are jealous. 

There has been some major satan slappin ( as my sister Mallory would say) going on here in Ecuador. Yesterday Elder Carlos Godoy came to Otavalo to organize the 3rd stake there. WOW. and to think I could be a part of expanding the work there. Ecuador is the best. viva Otavalo! 

This week started great, I went to Iñaquito, where I worked with Good Old Elder Quispe until Wednesday, it was SUCH A PARTY! Oh my gosh. best 3 days of my life hahaha. Elder Quispe is a beast and we worked hard and played hard, that was such a tender mercy of the Lord for letting us be together again for a couple of days and remember the good times. Even tho he is from Peru, I know we will be eternal friends. SO Elder Quispe and I are both training and Wednesday morning we went to the chapel to receive our new missionaries. 

I received ELDER GEHRING. He is super awesome. He is 18 years old and is from Vernal Utah and is a super good missionary. I love the passion he shows for the gospel and his work ethic. Like for realz I have never been so tired in my life we are working hard. He is working super hard. I think the hardest is Spanish, because with Elder Delgado when I trained him I didn't have to train the language too, but in just the first week I have been with Elder Gehring his Spanish has improved a lot. He is such a great missionary. And we are working super hard and have already seen some fruits, I am optimistic that there will be a ton of fruits before I leave this place.

SO the assistants challenged us to give out a book of mormon before we got to our house and in the taxi ride to the bus station, Elder Gehring and I contacted the taxi driver and gave him the book of mormon. Then as we were finishing up the night we decided to talk with one more person before we got in the house and Elder Gehring gave another book of mormon to a young man in the park. We are talking with everyone and we found 2 new super cool families this week.

Our plans fell through and we said a prayer and started knocking doors and the first couple of people didn't show much interest, but then a family invited us in and listened to us and they have a ton of potential. La familia Mesache. they are super cool and they have a daughter named Katy who is like 25 years old who lives like super far away, but we found her house and she was super happy and it was awesome. The Lord is really preparing people for us.

Yesterday we were knocking more doors and La Familia Sanchez let us in their house and even made food for us and accepted our message. They are cool, but I am not sure how much interest they had in the restoration. We will see if we can find them again.

So yesterday was one of the absolute best days of my mission. So right now I am serving in the Quito Stake and Santa Anita where I served over a year ago is also part of the Quito Stake. Anyways yesterday was Stake conference and I saw like EVERYONE from Santa Anita. I was in tears, I even saw my special Amiga Aylin. We were so happy to see each other she kept on hugging me and holding my hand. She will forever be my best friend that I have made in the mission. I saw some less actives that I was working with in Santa Anita and they are now receiving the Melchizedek priesthood and going on missions. WHAT. I was crying, I was so happy. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me see them all again. I loved Santa Anita, and I loved serving there it was such a special place. The Lord has blessed me so much to put me in so many special places and to know so many amazing people. Gosh Dang it, I just love Ecuador so much. I DON'T WANT TO COME HOME. well, that is my week, I am looking forward to a glorious week and to see what will happen. I wish you all the best of look and hope you have a great week wherever you are at, and I hear the vikings are doing good, so go vikes from Ecuador. K BYE.

Elder Roberts
 Elder Equite ( Now he is just Hermano Equite and I) I served in the same zone with him a little over a year ago
Hermana Marsela and I 
Elder Damian and I 
 2 of my favorite companions, ELder Damian and ELder Quispe
 ELder Quispe and I with our entrenees Elder Gehring and Elder Christiansen
 Encebollado for breakfast
 Familia Chicaiza

 Familia Chicaiza Part 2 ( Priesthood Power)
 Helping Elder Gehring get his stuff in the taxi

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