Monday, October 24, 2016


Well, the bad news is that I ate peanuts this week. It was terrible, I think my peanut allergy has gotten worse instead of getting better. We were teaching some investigators Saturday night when they gave us a treat. Some plantain and they knew I was allergic to peanuts so they put peanut butter in my companions and in the kid who was accompanying us and they put cheese in mine. Long story short they used the same knife that they used to spread the peanut butter to cut the cheese (haha) and yeah. I started dying. We ran back to the apartment and I used my epi pen ( sorry mom, I am honestly doing my best to avoid peanuts) and my companion and the future missionary who was accompanying us gave me a priesthood blessing. The priesthood blessing definitely helped a lot because I started feeling a lot better afterwords.

Holy Cow, we had some Zion camp type action this week. I was on another division with Elder Arrietta, my Colombian zone leader and we worked hard. We literally talked with more than a hundred people in a huge park but we got SO REJECTED. Oh my gosh, I don't know why people are so mad at us for trying to help them be happy and have salvation and everything. We decided to leave the park and we started walking up and down some streets and some guy came to us and said he was like the neighborhood watchmen and asked us what we were doing. We were like oh we are missionaries, we are getting to know the people and teach them a special message about Jesus Christ and the families. He said, yeah we don't want you here and if you don't leave right now I am going to call the police........The natural man in me wanted to say a couple of things to him and maybe whip out my bible and chastise him a little bit, but we left and found another street to contact. But despite all the rejection it was fun working hard.

We had the saddest visit of my life on Saturday. We went far away to a little pueblo that is between the cities of Ascazubi and Cusubamba ( I am not sure if dad is going to look that up on google maps) but anyways we visited a less active family that was baptized like a year and a half ago, la familia Simba.......they have received us well in the past and we told them we missed them in church and they told us, yeah we have talked as husband and wife and we have made the decision that we aren't ever going to go to church again.......we were like. SAY WHAT! and yeah, they talked about all these reasons about why they don't want to go to church and then my companion and I felt the spirit strong and we did some hardcore testifying and scripture sharing and inspired questions.....I think my companion was really sad for that situation, but sometimes people just have their agency. The good news is that even tho they don't want to come to church, they still love us a ton and are going to give us lunch on Saturday, so we are going to see what we can do there. Just pray for them hardcore that Satan can get stomped the heck out of the house of that family.


Familia Quichimbla is really Familia Quinchimbla, Holy Cow, they are SO AWESOME. We are visiting them like every day and they have gotten answers and know this is true and are determined to get baptized and the dad even wants to be a missionary like us after he gets baptized. They are the best. Last night we had a super spiritual visit with them in the chapel with a member of the branch presidency and the elders quorum president and his wife. We watched the 20 minute video of the restoration and all shared our testimonies. To say that the Spirit of God like a fire is burning would be an understatement. It was so powerful, the dad Quinchimbla said ¨why didn't you knock my door earlier, why couldn't I have found out about this path earlier, why did it take so long, oh well I am glad that it came, the day you knocked our door is the day that has and is changing my life..¨Oh my gosh, that made all of the hard days in this sector worth it. I love this family, they are just the best. I know the Lord needed Elder Gehring and I here to help them. Keep on praying for them that their whole cute little family can get baptized the 12th. 

We are just working hard and having a good time. The mission is going by too fast. Sometimes I think wow if I wouldn't have gone on the mission, I could have been working, I could have studied, I could be almost graduating from college, but none of that is even a fraction to the joy that I have had being a missionary. THIS WAS THE RIGHT DECISION. Being a missionary was the absolute right decision and the best decision I made in my life. I don't regret it and I never will. There is nothing that could make me feel happier than helping someone find the joys of the truth of the Gospel. I couldn't be spending my time in any better way. Even tho it is kind of cool to think in like 2 months I will be home with friends and family and worldly things like movies, music, sports, all of that, it makes me so sad thinking about dropping all of this. But I know if I work hard even until the last day that the Lord will make me feel great about my efforts here and I will be able to feel the peace of knowing that I gave my all to the Lord and I did what he asked me to do. I am so excited to be here. I love you all and I testify that Jesus Christ is my King and this is his work. 

Elder Roberts
 I accidentally cut my face walking into a metal sign
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