Monday, November 7, 2016


Well, It has been super sunny this week, it looks like maybe today and the next coming days it might rain a little bit, but this last week was supèr sunny. I got quite sun burnt, so I am looking kind of like a lobster right now, but I guess that is just part of life right.

My companion Elder Gehring and I are seeing a lot of miracles. One such miracle is that our super awesome golden family Quinchimbla had their baptismal interviews and passed and everything is in order for their baptism on Saturday, I think Saturday may be one of the best days on the mission, I am so excited to see how this all turns out. But we had some amazing visits with them and I truly love them, they are such special friends to me. They will always have a special place in my heart. I hope that with skype and modern technology that I will be able to maintain contact with them my whole life.

There were holidays here in Ecuador on Wednesday and there was nothing to misisonary handbook says that the best days to work are holidays.......well, it obviously wasn't written by people who are from Ecuador.  When there are holidays here it is easily the worst day to work, my companion and I literally had nobody to visit on Wednesdayand nobody was in their house to talk too, so we explored our sector and went like walking 2 hours down our sector close to the stuff.....

As we were walking, we knocked a door and a lady answered and said, I'm not interested, slammed the door in our faces, and we started to walk away. Then I was like, hey lets go be persistent, so we went back and knocked the door again, and her and her husband were super mad at us for coming back and I was like, hey before you reject us, you should know what you are rejecting, my companion and I did some hardcore testifying that we represent Jesus Christ and share important truths of him and his gospel, it felt good saying that. I felt like a disciple of Christ and going back. 

We were busy on Saturday doing baptismal interviews for the other missionaries in the district. Oh my gosh, the elders in my district got like hardcore robbed this week. but they are ok. That was quite the situation tho. but yeah like Saturday we didn't have time to do anything, because I had to do a ton of interviews, but that is a good problem to have right. The interviews are easily one of my favorite parts of the mission and it is good seeing that the district is having success.

Well I love you all. I guess I only am going to write 6 more of these letter updates things. The time sure is flying. Well I love you all and hope you have an extremely great day. you are all super awesome. bye bye. 

Elder Roberts
Zone meeting

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