Monday, November 14, 2016

We did some Satan Slappin this week

Well this week was a ton of fun. It had to be one of the absolute best weeks of my mission. And here is why. We baptized our golden family. My companion and I woke up on Saturday Morning and we cleaned out the baptismal tank that we use and we got it all filled up and we had a big turn out for the baptism. 

Everything went really smoothly. Our mission President wasn’t able to come because he was in Peru for a special meeting, but we were able to get a ton of members and investigators to come to the baptism.

I baptized the Dad Wilver and his daughter Prisila and my companion baptized the mom Veronica, it was a super special feeling. One of the best feelings I have had in my life being in that little tank. After we did the baptisms, the parents shared their testimonies and they were so powerful, it was absolutely amazing. There is no greater joy than helping someone find the truth and come unto Christ.

Yesterday, all 3 of them got confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and received the Holy Ghost. The dad got interviewed and he is going to get the priesthood next week and on the 26th he is going to baptize his other kids, Wilver junior who is 14 and Wendy who is 16. They are such a special family. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Well the sun has been suuuppeeerrrr strong this week, so I am finally going to go ahead and get sunglasses cuz my eyes are soooo sun burnt. Recently the missionary department approved sunglasses, so I am going to get some to protect my fragile little eyes cuz I look like a little raccoon right now. 

So I have no clue how crazy the elections are in the states, but just Trump being president is a huge deal here in Ecuador. Nobody here likes him at all, they all view him as a crazy racist who is going to make it impossible for Ecuadorians to visit the states. It is sure interesting to be outside the U.S. during a presidential election and see things from a different perspective. The truth is I don’t like Trump much, but I cant stand Clinton at all, so I am happy with the results. I don’t understand why the U.S. couldn’t find anyone better to run for president. The way I see it is soon enough it will be the second coming and then we will have an absolutely perfect ruler.

Well other than that, there were changes in the mission this last weekend, but not in my district we are all still here. I am going to finish my mission here in Yaruqui and I am so happy. I love this little city. It is such a special little place. So I talked with President and since it is my last change I have special permission to visit Otavalo on pday and visit my family of converts there. I am so pumped, I am also going to be going with Elder Quispe and our two companions are going to buy souvenirs and stuff in Otavalo while we visit our family. That might happen next Monday or in a couple of Mondays. But it is possible that I may have to sacrifice my writing time, so if I don’t write one of these Mondays it is because I am living it up in Otavalo.

Well I love you all. The time is sure flying by, I will see you sooner than later. I know the church is true. 

Love, Elder Roberts
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