Monday, February 1, 2016


So this week my companion and I show up to our last visit and this family just had bowls and bowls of snails.....I have eaten some weird things on my mission but they have all ended up tasting good like guinea pig, bunny, cow tongue, chicken feet, beetles, so I was pretty optimistic about eating snails. But they taste just like you would imagine. Absolutely terrible. Just sucking the snail out of its shell. Gross stuff.
 The Snails We Ate
Me Eating a Snail

Fun fact, I accidentally ate peanuts like an hour ago and I am like dying right now while writing this email. I took another epi pen and took some benadryl, so lets hope I make it out alive today. 

Nothing super interesting this week. My companion and I like didn't work two days cuz we had to move out of our old terrible house. Our new house is like the best house on the mission. All of the missionaries from the zone came to help us move in and were all super jealous. We are basically living in probably the nicest house of all of San Roque now just the two of us. We have so much space to ourselves it is great. Elder Quispe and I even have our own bathrooms. We were happy to see there are showers, because the last month and a half we have only been using like a bucket to shower ourselves, but the bad news is there isn't hot water, so now its been almost 2 months that I haven't showered with hot water, but I am getting used to the cold water.

So spiritually, we had stake conference this week. We saw some miracles there. Some less actives that we have been working really hard with that haven't gone to church for 5 years showed up to the stake conference and I was so happy. It was great. Also, Elena our recent convert, well we have started teaching with her daughter recently and we had some great lessons with her. The people here are just great. Being a missionary is great. Stake conference was really cool.  I have never seen so many indigenous people gathered together in my life. Our mission President and his wife were there, and so was the Temple President and his wife from the Guayaquil temple. Also an area seventy named Javier Espinoza was there and presided the meeting, he gave a great talk too. They were the only five speakers to speak in Spanish. I didn't understand any of the kichuwa but it was still cool. 

I love you all and hope you have a super cool week. Keep up the great work. I love you and the Lord Loves you. bye bye. 
Elder Roberts
The black pig is the one that always falls off ledges 
 There have been a lot of flies here in San Roque this week
 Taking the last avacados from the tree by our old house
 We saw this scorpion in the street
 The light orange roof not the one close but in the distance is our church
I am super ready to go to sleep 
Elder Erickson and Elder Saenz helping us move into our new mansion 
 Elder Quispe playing with Zamiro
Zamiro likes being spun in circles
I am getting bald

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