Monday, February 8, 2016


Well, this week is carnaval, so tomorrow we are going to spend the whole day in the house. This whole past week all the kids in the street have been throwing water balloons at us. I wish we had carnaval in the states it would be so fun, it is sad that we aren't allowed to play it as missionaries.

We helped kill a pig this week, it was pretty cool. It was screaming soo loud that the whole street came out to see it. 

It was kind of a slow week this week, but yesterday we had a great day. Yesterday I really gained a testimony of the importance of members in the work. We are always asking for references and sometimes we receive, other times the people just say everyone I know is alcoholic or catholic. Anyways, this super awesome family la familia Montalvo Pineda is like super pilas. They want so much to participate in missionary work. We have lunch with them on Saturdays and the sister is like hey I have a ton of references for you but I want to go with you. That is like gold for missionaries. Anyways, at church yesterday we verified the time we had allotted to go with her and her husband to find these references for yesterday in the afternoon and everything was good. We went to their house at like 5 and she said we are going to do a little bit walking.  They live a little bit up the volcano. After walking an hour and a half up the volcano we found this super awesome family. The family is a dad who hasn't gone to church for like 30 years and nobody else in his family is member. The whole day they had plans to leave the house to do stuff, but they just couldn't seem to leave.  They described it as they just felt like something was keeping us there. It really hit me in that moment that this is the Lords work and everything is in his hands and he really prepared that family for us. It also helped me see the importance of working with members, the dedication they had to spend their Sunday evening and night walking up a volcano with us to help Gods Children. For those of you reading this, GO HELP THE MISSIONARIES. GIVE THEM REFERENCES

We were able to watch Meet the Mormons with some families this week, pretty cool. 

Well, not much else to say. Tomorrow we have interviews with President Richardson, so that should be great and then Elder Holland will be here the following week. We will see him as a mission in Quito on the 17th and the 16th in the night we have special permission to go see him in Otavalo where he is going to talk to the 2 stakes and the district Ibarra. We will be able to get to stay out a little late on the 16th as the meeting starts at 7. 

Life is good. I love you all. Keep on writing me, I love to know how you are all doing.
Elder Roberts
 We helped Jaime kill his pig
More pig dying pictures 
 That fish defs isn't a rainbow trout
 A family knew I liked dolphins and gave me this

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