Monday, February 15, 2016

Una Capilla bien llena

So this week was pretty dang exciting. We are very excited as a mission, as a country, and me personally to be in the presence and be instructed personally by a living apostle and prophet of God. Elder Holland will be here in Otavalo tomorrow to talk to the 2 stakes here and the district Ibarra and Wednesday the whole mission will be going to Quito where we will have a meeting with just our mission and him. To say we are excited would be an extreme understatement. 

We had interviews with the President this week and that was super awesome. I love President Richardson, he has helped me a ton on my mission. I wish the interviews would go longer, I have learned so much from him, but I guess it is hard to talk for a whole ton of time when there are 200 missionaries to interview.

Red bananas are back in season. they are so good. Be jealous of the many cool fruits I get to eat here in the best country in the world.

So I had quite a trial on Saturday. I had a super super bad headache. I almost never get headaches, but Saturday out of the blue I was dying of a migraine. Every step I took was just a big thud in my head. Like honestly I just wanted to give up and sleep that day, I thought that was a just cause, just taking a break, but I knew there were important things to do, so I just dealt with it and gave it the best I can. It was going ok until 6 when we met up with the awesome family of members and they accompanied us up, up, and up the volcano until we finally reached the awesome new family. Lets just say I was dying that hike. Like literally it hurt my head so bad. I was literally just begging my Heavenly Father that whole time in my heart that I could make it and I wouldn't faint or anything and somehow he got me there. We had an AMAZING visit with them. We planned on watching some mormon messages, but of course nobody here has a working tv or dvd, so we ended up sharing some random stuff from the bible and then the Book of Mormon and the spirit was guiding us and we finally got the whole family to accept a baptismal date! So that is super awesome. March 5th, please pray for the familia Cordova Tituaña that they can enter the waters of baptism as a family.

Like we had some killer success this week. We had so many people in the chapel. We had 6 investigators, 8 recent converts, 4 less actives. It was awesome. Sunday was just the best to see everyone there. I know the Lords Grace is sufficient for us and carries us when we need it, but we are only given Grace after all that we can do, so we need to give it our all and than the Lord will do his part which really amounts to a lot more than our part. 

I love you all. I hope you have a good week. Keep me updated on whats going on. I love seeing your letters and pictures. I miss cada uno de vosotros. chao mis amigos.

Elder Roberts

 This is the face I make when I realize we are going to get our pants and shoes wet crossing the stream to get to the visit
 Looks like the mamita is going to make us some cuy this week
 Mini Cristian stole my dog annoyer
 Elder Jorgito is obsessed with stealing my nametag
 My companion and I with Jorgito
Eating pizza with Elderes Quispe, Saenz, and Erickson

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