Monday, February 22, 2016


Yeah, so this week Elder Holland came to our mission and it was super awesome. Definitely one of the highlights of my mission so far. We left San Roque at like 4 on Tuesday to go wait in the Coliseo in Otavalo where Elder Holland addressed more than 3000 members. His message was amazing. He talked a lot about how Otavalo isn't living up to its potential.  How this is the city most likely in South America where every person could be a member and how the members need to get more involved in the missionary work here, a lot more members are now excited to help us out which is awesome. 

On Wednesday we woke up early and went to the bus terminal in Otavalo and met up with all the missionaries in the 2 zones here. We all went in one bus to Quito.  It was sick, a bus of almost pure missionaries and we got them to put in Lion King, It was awesome. I haven't seen that movie forever. We got to Quito a little early and I saw all of my friends. It was the first time in the history of the mission that the whole mission has gotten together for a meeting. I saw all of my companions that haven't finished yet, I ran into Elder Morgan, Elder Pinto, and Elder Damian and a ton of other friends. Then we got all situated for a group picture and Elder Holland came in. After the picture, he told us he wanted to shake all of our hands and look into our eyes and he wanted us to tell him our names. It was super awesome looking into his eyes and feeling the power this man has. Afterwords, we all went into the chapel and he started his talk by saying Hello, I honestly don't care what your name is or where you are from, the purpose of me shaking your hand and looking into your eyes is because I wanted to interview you. He then turned to President Richardson and said President I am pleased to tell you that you have very good missionaries who are obedient and know why they are here except for two of them, but hopefully they get things taken care of soon....Wow, it really hit me in that moment that there are living Prophets who are also seers. Super cool.

My companion and I are seeing miracles here in San Roque, the familia Cordova Tituaña is progressing super well. We are going to pass by them every day this week. But they are like the dream family that I have looked for and looked for my whole mission. They are so ready to change their lives. and they have. They have been ready their whole lives for the Gospel and we were an answer to their prayers being able to find them. Oh, how I love the mission. The Lord really has prepared people for us, we just have to give it our all and work hard, but if we have faith we will find them. This is the work of salvation. One thing Elder Holland talked to us as missionaries is that the mission isn't for 24 months, it is for life. We can NEVER go back to who we were. The gospel is a gospel of progression. I hope when I get back from the mission I can help out the missionaries in Minnesota a lot. But for realz, I love the people here in San Roque, I am going to be absolutely heartbroken the day changes came which will hopefully not be for a while cuz my companion has more time than me here in this sector. But I am going to be heartbroken when I leave Ecuador, it is just too beautiful of a place and the people are just way too amazing. I am literally living my dream right now being here.

I hope you are all doing well. I love every one of you and hope you are taking care of yourselves. I love getting your emails and seeing how you are doing. 

Elder Roberts

My "interview" with Elder Holland

This is what my arms and legs look like, I hate bed bugs

This is what missionary laundry looks like, now that we moved houses we are back to washing all of our laundry by hand.  All our White shirts.

When elder Holland came to Otavalo

Getting ready for Elder Holland to come

Our zone leaders trained us that we need to be love muffins?


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