Monday, February 29, 2016


So, we are seeing some absolute miracles here in San Roque, I feel like all of the hard work I have been putting into my mission is really pàying off,. Right now my companion and I are seeing the fruits of our labors and it is perfect timing too because next week are changes.....It will be sad to see what happens, I am going to miss Elder Quispe.  We have had some hard moments, but mostly some super amazing moments.  He has been an amazing companion. It will be interesting to see what changes bring. I think it is more probable that he leaves since he has four months here in San Roque and that I receive another Elder, but we will see. My mission isn't like other missions.  Here we receive the call for changes at like 11 at night on Sunday and then we have to be in the bus station at 9 in the morning on Monday, so we don't have any time to say good bye to anyone

THE FAMILIA CORDOVA TITUAÑA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY. ASLKDJFASLDKFJASLDÑKFJASDFLKJASDFLÑKJASDF. IT IS going to be so awesome. Like, they are the perfect family of Gold. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and hoped and dreamed of finding a family like them my whole mission and here they are. They have been so ready to change their lives and in this little time we have had with them they have already changed a ton. It was so exciting to see them get interviewed this week and to be able to announce their baptism in church and everything. It is going to be a white night, una noche blanca. The husband is officially an active member, he got rescued yesterday and his wife and his three kids who are older than 8 are getting baptized on Friday and my companion and I, and the Bishop and Brother Montalvo Pineda Montalvo will be baptizing the four of them. I will be baptizing Malki, he is super cool. He is like 10 years old and he is going to be an awesome future missionary.

This week my companion and I were running from visit to visit and we saw this super old lady who was blind trying to walk up the street. Well the streets here really aren't streets, they are like trails....Anyways, it was a pretty steep climb and she was hugging the gutter taking it really slow and we didn't know how we could help her, but we decided to do something, so we tried to talk to her but realized she only spoke Kichuwa, and we just kind of held her hands and helped her walk up and up the hill. It was awesome, I felt so happy to be helping her. We had to ask her in Kichuwa where she lived and we finally were able to drop her off at her house. She must have been at least 90 years old. But she started to cry, we coudn't see her eyes cuz they were covered, but she was just kind of whimpering and saying dius sul pagi. which in Kichuwa is like muchas muchas gracias and she grabbed our hands and kissed them. I truly felt like a servant of Jesus Christ in that moment.

I am so excited for this week. It is going ot be a dream come true baptizing this family.

I love you all and miss you. I hope you are all doing well. bye bye

Elder Roberts
I like corn

Not sure why I am not smiling
Still not sure why I am not smiling
Helping to make Empenadas

Here is our washing machine.....oh wait.
With la familia Cordova Tituaña

Mi Compañero y yo con nuestras familias favoritas

La Familia Montalvo Pineda with La Familia Cordova Tituaña
We live between two volcanos, here is the first one, Cotacachi

Here is the second one, Imbabura
Elder Quispe taking a picture of me as I take a picture of him

When Elder Holland came

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