Monday, January 25, 2016

Dream Team Parte 2

So Elder Quispe and I are together for another change. We were so stoked to get the news. I feel like we are the Dream Team here, we work SO well together and we are seeing so many miracles here in San Roque. 

Elena got baptized this past week, it was so awesome to see her in white and I know it was such a special opportunity for her, she understood what she was doing and she did so much to prepare for her baptism and it was truly a miracle to be a small part of her conversion. I love being a missionary! All of the hard days, hard moments, are totally worth it to see just one person enter the baptismal font. Experiences like that give me more motivation to work even harder to see even more miracles.

So, funny story about the pig that fell last week. We were teaching Gladis and we always teach outside because there is never a man home, so we were teaching Gladis and her Mom when a car that was driving by unrolled the window and started shouting something in Kichuwa that my companion and I didn't understand, but we saw the mom of Gladis sprint towards that ledge and we went with her and her pig had a leash on it and was just dangling from the tree from the top of the ledge and was like wouldn't have been funny if it ended bad, but the mom ended up cutting the rope and the pig escaped and just went back to its normal life eating food. I am going to miss that pig. Maybe we will eat it before we go?

One thing about my mission is that we lose a lot of time walking in-between appointments. We don't have cars or bikes or anything, we just walk. I got a pedometer for Christmas and according to my Pedometer we walk between 10 and  13 miles every day and it isn't an easy walk it is up and down a volcano, and it is even harder for me because my leg is terrible. Anyways, we had a visit at the top of our sector and we had to walk like an hour and a half to our next visit and we were just hauling and walking in our direction from the distance I saw a small man and as he got closer and closer he looked more and more familiar, then I realized it was HERMANO CABASCANGO. He is one of my favorite people in the whole mission, he is from my second sector Atucucho. I was like what the heck. I was so happy to see him. What a miracle, here I am in the absolute middle of nowhere and I saw him. He is basically my mentor in the mission. He accompanied us every day basically and he taught me kichuwa. and my kichuwa has gotten a lot better. We walked with him for like 10 minutes and I was showing off my improved kichuwa and he was proud. That was a huge tender mercy. He is also the grandpa of my amiga Eileen and he told me that his daughter misses me a lot, I wrote a little note to give to her. Gosh Dang it, I love the mission. More than anything I love all of the special people I have met. I can honestly say from the absolute bottom of my heart that I love the people here. I am going to miss them a ton, they are so special. they are so humble. Compared to our standards they have nothing, they live in concrete shacks with dirt floors and don't have cars, many don't have internet, and some don't have cell phones, they wash clothes by hand. But they are so better than we are. They are so much more faithful, humble, they are full of charity, they are truly blessed. they are truly blessed children of God. I am grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father that sent me to this beautiful country to serve amongst his blessed children and the many countless lessons I have learned from them. 

I love you all. thanks for all of your emails, letters, Christmas cards, and everything. It  is always nice to get something in the mail. you are all awesome. Just a note, make sure you follow the address exactly as you find it on the blog. If you want to send me something you need to write la mision ecuador quito norte because my mission shares its offices with the mission quito and also you need to put the province Pichincha. ok. thanks I love you all! Keep up the good work! 

Elder Roberts

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