Monday, January 11, 2016

El Poder del Testimonio

SO this week was great. I was on divisions with the zone leaders and Elder Richardson my super awesome zone leader and I were walking down the volcano to reunite with our companions and I totally fell in this ditchish type thing on the edge of the street. I ended up going to the hospital again for the billionith time on the mission and found out that some of my ligaments and stuff got distorted and I had a baby break on one of my baby bones so I have to wear a brace for like 3 weeks. The things that happen on the mission.

So Saturday night it started pouring rain super hardcore. Like way super hardcore. It was right after our meeting with the ward mission leader in the chapel so we went to the house really quick to drop off some stuff and then it started raining and my companion and I were so tempted to just chill there in the house until it stopped. But I felt the need to go and work. In the mission we also have a saying caminamos en calor o lluvia which means we walk in heat or rain. So we walked out and literally had to wade up to our legs a little bit in the street to visit Gladis.  We didn't really know what to share with her because she said she feels good for baptism, but doesn't want to, but wants to, but has a ton of doubts. So she was really focused on answers she didn't have and things she didn't know. So I said we are going to have a mini testimony meeting. I am going to start than my companion then you. SO my companion and I gave a little like 5 minute testimony. Then Gladis for the first time in her life probably shared her testimony. The spirit there was strong and powerful. She knows that God is her Loving Heavenly Father and that He has a plan for her and that this is the restored Church and she knows the Book of Mormon is true. Maybe she didn't accept a baptismal date, but I think that really helped her realize what she knows and that she knows a lot more than she thinks. There is something special about having a testimony.

Satan puts doubts in our path. He wants us to doubt our testimonies. Of course we aren't perfect, sometimes we are going to have doubts and that is natural. I for sure have had a ton of doubts on the mission, but something I have done that has helped me is I have reflected over profound spiritual moments I have had on my life where I received an undeniable spiritual confirmation of Gods love for me and I have been keeping a journal just of these things trying to write as detailed as possible my spiritual experiences. Don't focus on what you don't know, focus on what you do know, doubt your doubts before you doubt God and remember the experiences that God has already blessed you with.

Well Elder Quispe and I are the definition of Work Hard Play Hard we get along way too well. He is so awesome. I feel so blessed to be his companion. I love the Mission Field. It is the best. 

Elder Roberts

My frisbee on the roof of the church

 the zona Imbabura

 My companion and I are bosses
 To put it in perspective my companion and I live down where the valley is and walked up up and up the volcano for hours to get to that visit
A huge bunny and its tiny baby 
 Little kids answering the door
 I have quite the collection of Ecuadorian soccer jerseys
 A big old wasp Ecuadorian style
We see these in the street every day

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