Monday, November 2, 2015


I got the picture of Clayton with the short hair. Made me sad. I got a haircut today, nothing super exciting. hahaha. By the way a haircut here is usually between a dollar fifty to two fifty. Be jealous. 

Yesterday was changes and all the 6 of us in Tulcàn are staying! It is awesome being in a district of just elders 3 hours away from the closest misioneros.  It is a party and a brotherhood here.

This week went by way to fast, it was pretty cool. This family that lives way out far away we are able to visit. I feel so special to have known them and everything, they have come to church for the full three hours the past three weeks and they are doing awesome. I found out that my sector is almost the whole province of Carchi. The southern limit of my sector is the province Imbabura. and my sector goes west to the province of Esmeraldas. yikes. hahaha. 

I was super happy in sacrament meeting yesterday. This inactive family that elder Damian and I contacted has been progressing poco por poco and this week we had some major progress with them. Last Sunday Bryan their 14 year old son received the Aaronic Priesthood and yesterday for the first time he passed the sacrament and their little daughter went up and shared her testimony. Last night we went to their house and shared a video about the family and everyone was crying and for the first time it really clicked for them the importance of having a temple marriage, so they now have the goal of getting sealed. I love how the gospel blesses families. 

This week everyone in the branch was sad about changes and thought I was going. I had like 5 people cry and tell me that they are going to miss me playing the violin in church. MOM THANKS FOR MAKING ME LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. I love music. I love my viola. When I get back I want to play my viola for like 4 hours right after I get released. 

I love you all. Have an amazing week. with a big abrazo (hug) from Ecuador ( the best country in the world) 
Elder Roberts


 la famlia ordoñez
 I think my smile was a little to big
 la famlia portilla, with brother portilla wearing my tie that I gave him
Roman and Me 
 Elder Whetten
It hailed here super hardcore and looked like minnesota

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