Monday, November 23, 2015

Caminamos en Calor o Lluvia

Well, this week was great. It is cloudy here basically every day, but this week it was raining super hardcore. On Friday the rain just poured down like no tomorrow as we were contacting in a part of our sector on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. My companion was like lets go back to the house there is nothing to do and I was like, hey the people will feel more sympathetic for us. 10 minutes later as we were just soaked in the cold rain and walking down a muddy swampy street this guy waved us down who was like working under a tarp painting a door. We walked over there and he let us chill under his tarp gave us some herbal tea and bread and then we explained what we were doing. We ended up teaching him lesson one. It was pretty sick.

There is this older man that has a little hardware store by our house and he lived in New Jersey for a year and always wants to speak English with me ( even though I don´t understand anything he says). Anyways we were talking with him and then we talked about religion and then we taught part of lesson one focusing on the apostasy hardcore and he is convinced Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet.

This returned missionary that lives by our house is always making out in the street with his girlfriend as we are walking back to our house in the night and we walked by and they said hey elders and we were like hey when can we teach you about God and she said tomorrow. We went with him and his girlfriend the next day and she now has a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and is progressing for Baptism. 

I played the Violin this week in Church. It was awesome, I played Come Thou Fount. I started low and super slow and it was peaceful and then I tried to mimic the actual song that when the men come in it is super strong, so I did a cool key change a lot more stronger and it was amazing. I felt the spirit super strong. I am so glad I can share my talents with the people here in Ecuador because quite frankly violins don´t exist down here, there aren´t pianists here in the church, music isn´t the same at all here, I think the Lord has helped me share the Gospel in a unique way. I am so excited to get back and play my viola. yay.

I love the mission. I love all of you, I would love to hear how you are all doing. If you haven´t written me, repent and do it. I miss you all, but the mission is going by waayyy too fast and I am going to take advantage of every minute I have representing Jesus Christ our Savior and King in this beautiful country.

Elder Roberts

me in front of the University of the province Carchi
 I guess you could say I am addicted to avocado
Elder Jeffery, my best bud on the mission
My priesthood line of authority in Spanish
So we had a pioneer recognition activity in Ecuador, the church this year is celebrating fifty years in Ecuador here. All of the members here in Tulcan that have 30 years or more years as members got a certificate at a ceremony this past Saturday ( which I also played the violin for). I played Come Come ye Saints.

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