Monday, November 16, 2015

siento tonto

Ok, so for a fun fact I found out that Roman, the investigator that I have been working a ton with lately, well his name isn't Roman, it is Romel. I was like hey can you write your full name here and he wrote Romel and I was like wait isn't your name Roman. and he is like no. And I was like what the heck, why didn't you ever correct me and he is like I thought it was funny how you said my name, you gringos are funny........

That is cool that you guys had the stake conference there in Minnesota. We had district conference yesterday and we had permission to go down to Ibarra to attend. Our zone ended up singing a musical number and I got to conduct the song, it was pretty cool. They talked a lot about the Sabbath Day. Interesting about the church release of Gay Marriage. It is interesting how in the states how it is a big deal and everyone debates and stuff and down here everyone just straight up accepted that it is super wrong. 

Romel is doing awesome. I honestly feel like I was sent to Tulcan just to help him out, for real. I have learned on the mission that everything has a purpose. I hope I can stick around here long enough to see him get baptized. We have intermediate changes in a week and I already have a lot of time here so I think it is possible that I will leave, but I hope not. I really want to see Romel get baptized it would mean the world to me. This man understands the Gospel. He wants to live it, he is anxious to live it. He is an amazing example to me. When I think of him I think of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible in Luke 15. 

I hope you are all doing amazing. The mission work is amazing. I love Ecuador. The time is flying by waaayyyy tooo fast.

Elder Roberts

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