Monday, November 9, 2015


This was a great week. For starters yesterday before lunch I was playing with our mamita´s grandson, I love goofing off with the kids and he punched me in my bad leg and I was like ooooowwwwwww.  He asked me why it hurt and I told him it was my bad leg then he pinched it right where my scar is. Needless to say it was really fun to walk the rest of the day

I had the most craziest experience with a drunk person this week. My companion and I were hauling back to the house from a family home evening late in the night, we had like 10 minutes to get in the house and this drunk guy was like hey, we ignored him and kept on walking and then he ran in-front of us and like grabbed my companion so we listened to him. He started bawling and with tears just running down his face he was like I need your help. We were like ok how can we help you. He told us we needed to stop him from doing something bad, we were like what are you going to do and he said I need to kill my sister. He started shouting I need to kill her, I need to kill  my sister. I want to kill her so bad. Everyone on the street was just staring at us, and we were like yeah uhhh don´t kill your sister. Then he like knelt down and hugged my companions legs and was shouting help me kill her, help me kill her, and my companion was like do you want our help and he said yeah and my companion took his alcohol out of his hand and poured it all onto the sidewalk and threw the bottle against a brick wall and it shattered. Lets just say this drunk guy got super mad at us and we hauled out of there super fast. If you are reading this and have a problem with drinking repent and get help. 

We had a MIRACLE THIS WEEK. Roman finally got permission to go to church with us. It was freaking amazing. He felt so awesome there. Probably the best question I have been asked on the mission was asked after church when we were heading back with Roman to drop him off at rehab, he said when can I get baptized? I really want to get baptized? Can I be a missionary? and we were like why can´t all of our investigators be like him. It is amazing to see how the atonement has changed his life. I know God is a God of miracles it was absolutely amazing that he could be in church. What a miracle!

I hoe you all had a good week! keep me updated how things are going. 
Elder Roberts

I am pretty sure the real Jesus isn´t black 

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