Monday, October 26, 2015

el centro de nada

Well this week, was pretty cool. Elder Castro and I are working well together. At first I was pretty intimidated because he is the 2nd oldest missionary on the mission and is 7 years older than me, but now I feel more normal about it. 

The super sad news is that we couldnt find Genesis or Monica this week. We called like 4 times every day and they didn't answer and we coudn't find them and they didn't come to church, so we are trusting the Lord is taking good care of them and in his own time will help us do what we can to help them in the buen camino. 

We had a zone conference in Otavalo this week with another zone in the mission and we were walking towards the chapel, I saw in front of me some missionaries that looked somewhat familiar, as I got closer I realized it was my first companion, my trainer, my father, the famoso Elder Morgan. I ran up to him and hugged him so hard. It was so cool to see how he was doing and to pass the day with him. He was such a good companion.
 My "Father" companion, Elder Morgan

Saturday we had a visit in the city San Gabriel which is part of our sector but it is like an hour to the south so we really haven't gone there because our mission President told us we should focus on the work here in Tulcàn. So we went to San Gabriel for the first time and found this less active that came to church two weeks ago.  We didn't know San Gabriel so she told us to find her at the bus stop. She was like alright we are going in a taxi to my house. Turned out her house was in the absolute centro de nada, middle of nothing (no where) I don't know how to say no where in Spanish. lo siento. anyways, their family is super humble, such a sweet family, but I was kind of upset thinking wow it is going to take us an hour and a half to walk back to the main road and then an hour in a bus to get back and we aren't going to be able to do anything today and I viewed this lesson as a burden, but then I was thinking it was a burden for them to come to church. They have to wake up at 3 in the morning to leave their house at 4 to get to church and they are super ppoooorrrrr. They spend like all their money to get to the chapel and go back. I felt the Spirit slap me in the face and then I got super grateful that I could be able to go to their house. They never have anyone visit them and they were so happy to have us there, it was such a blessing. I am grateful that the Lord Humbles us and lets us see the good in everything we do. 

Thanks so much for the letters, emails, and goody boxes, keep them coming.  Have an amazing week and a Happy Halloween. I love you all.

Elder Roberts
 Me with some cure kids.

My new tie

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