Monday, October 12, 2015

Ecuatorianos, Somos Los Ganadores

This week Ecuador played Argentina in Argentina for the games to get into the World Cup. We did some contacting during the game and everyone was super mad at us. We realized that it was a horrible hour to contact so we went to a members house and watched the last ten minutes of the game and it was 0 0 and Ecuador scored. A minute afterwords we scored again. The streets were crazy, all the cars were honking their horns everyone went crazy. It was hard to go to sleep that night because it was so loud in the streets. I am so grateful that I was able to join in the excitement. This week we play Bolivia in Quito. Quito is notorious because the stadium is about 2 miles high and all the away teams die from the altitude and usually Ecuador wins. 

The past month we have been going with the Branch President to a rehabilitation center for youth and a couple older people with addictions to drugs and alcohol. It has been an amazing experience. I have a strong testimony that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can completely free us from whatever problem we have.  I know Jesus Christ came here to save us from ourselves. We have been teaching all of the youth together and recently we met Roman. Roman is a total boss. I love him. I think my purpose here in Tulcan is to help him out. He has the strongest desires to change his life out of anyone I have seen in my mission. He came to us and cried and told us he needs Christ and he needs to change. We taught the restoration and he felt so strongly that it was true. Unfortunately we have been out of copies of the Book of Mormon, we didn't have one to give to him and he really wanted one. because we live in the middle of nowhere it is hard to get the pamphlets and libros. Finally we got more Books of Mormon and my companion and I marked a whole bunch of good scriptures for him to read. He read a toooonnnnn. We asked if he prayed to see if it is true. He said no, he said the moment we taught the Book of Mormon he already knew. He said all the words we have taught are true. We were soo happy and excited, but we told him he still needed to pray. He prayed and told us he received a strong witness it was true. He wants to get baptized sooo bad, but the problem is he cant leave the center without permission and the boss has been sick so he couldn't come to church this Sunday. Please pray for Roman that he can come to church that he can follow Jesus Christ and he can be baptized he deserves it sooo bad. I know God works miracles and I feel so strongly that Roman was who God was preparing for us to find. Please pray for him. 

Elder Roberts


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