Monday, October 5, 2015

El Envia Angeles

SO this week we had a supppeeerrr coool experience. We have these super awesome new investigators that are a reference from a super awesome and super active family here in the branch, so we had a family home evening scheduled and the investigators didn't show up.......we were all pretty sad,but I was like lets say a prayer. We said a prayer and they still didn't come, so I was like ok, could we at least share a scripture with you guys before we go and they were like of course! So my companion and I shared a scripture in Moroni about how miracles have not ceased! Right immediately after we read that verse someone knocked on the door and it was the investigators! YAAAAAAAYYYYY. Miracles do happen

I had this great idea today about making cookie dough and eating it, so I got the recipe from another missionary and I was super pumped, I was thinking about this for a couple of days and the moment finally came, I bought all the ingredients, I followed the recipe, I took a bite, and I almost threw up. Worst cookies I ever made! I hate life! lol

Conference was so amazing. I was so happy about the new apostles, I was in the same elevator with Elder Rasband last year at the BYU homecoming game with uncle Lowell and Aunt Charlotte ( if you are reading this I love you two), and Elder Renlund gave my favorite talk of the earlier general conference. I was especially moved by Elder Hollands talk about women. When he was talking about moms I was crying and I noticed the other elders in the room with me were tearing up a little bit too, afterwords we talked about how much we love our moms. I can think of all the women that have influenced my life, of all my good teachers in school, of Carolyn Axt who was my viola teacher, of Sister Richardson who is my mission presidents wife and has helped me out so much on my mission, my aunts, my cousins, my sister, and my grandmas and aunt Jenifer who is basically my mom away from my mom, I love them all to death. But especially my mom. My mom is the most beautiful and most Christlike woman in my life. I miss her more than words can explain. It has been hard to go a little more than 9 months without seeing her at all or hearing her voice, but I have never felt like she has been so close to me. I know she is praying her heart out for me, I know she suffers when I suffer, cries when I cry, and she loves me in a way that seems impossible and perfect, I love her so much and I am so grateful to know that Families are eternal and that I will always be her child and she will always be my loving mom. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be here still on the mission if it wasn't for her. Mom, I love you sooooo much, I am going to give you the biggest hug when I get back. I hope you all had a great conference. I would be interested to know what was your favorite talk. Have a great week. Send me packages and money for Christmas ! 😁
Elder Roberts

 Perry the Platypus eating mat

 General Conference, and with Esnaider and Gabby

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