Monday, June 1, 2015

Titulo= ¡Sorpresa!

My New Favorite Picture. Mi amiga y yo

Yeah, so this week after our zone meeting on Thursday we didn´t have a mamita for lunch, so we went to the Papa Johns right by the chapel and payed six dollars for all you can eat pizza. Six dollars may not sound like much, but a normal lunch down here should cost 1.50 haha. Anyways, I thought I was in paradise, living the dream, eating all I can eat American Pizza...

all you can eat papa johns

better ingredients, better pizza, papa johns

 ...and then I get a phone call.I heard a familiar voice of my old companion Elder Rodriguez. It was him! I wondered why he was calling me since he wasn't my leader or in the same zone or anything. He told me that he got permission from President to invite me to the baptism of Mishelle on Saturday! Holy cow, I think it was probably the happiest moment of my mission! I worked so hard with Mishelle my last changes, and I was overjoyed to hear that she accepted the invitation to be baptized.

Saturday came, and we took the hour trip to Calderon and there I saw good old Elder Rodriguez and mas que todo my favorite family with Mishelle dressed in white ready to get baptized. I got to give the message before the baptism, I shared from Alma 5 about how baptism allows us to take of the fruit of the tree of life and explained how it is the perfect love of God. 
El Bautismo de Mishelle Muchas gracias a la entrevista de Elder Miranda!

Mishelles baptism

It was such a cool experience, I am so glad I was able to be a part of that special day for her. What a miracle! 
Other than that, it was a good week, my little amiga Eileen is doing well! I hope everyone is doing good. 

Thanks for your prayers and support!
Elder Roberts

I ate the eye of this fish, not even kidding

 Ward Activity

My new area, this is only part of the mountain we climb every day
what the familia cuaran gave me before I left
we are going to eat this bunny for lunch in like two weeks
just being myself jajaja
Mateo and I

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