Monday, June 29, 2015


So this week I got the chance to kill both a rabbit and a guinea pig that I ate the following day. I actually ate a ton of Guinea Pig this week

This week has been super windy. The dust has been just killing us walking up and down the roads.

Thanks for all your prayers and support, this week Daniels mom said YES. He will get baptized on Saturday the eleventh with hopefully another one of our investigators named Santiago, 

Thanks mom for the care package. Unfortunately we got a letter this week saying that customs is going to not permit candy and food, but I really appreciated all the Dr. pepper flavored jelly beans and I liked Mallorys agenda she made for me, it is kind of confusing that it is in portuguese.

It is an honor to be a representative of Jesus Christ here in Ecuador. I cant believe I already have 6 months out here! Time just flies by. Sometimes it is slow, but looking back the mission really has just flown by. 

Today are the changes, I will be with Elder Pinto, who I believe is from Honduras, but I am still waiting for him because he is way up by the border of Colombia so he should get here later tonight. I love you all. take it easy. 

Elder Roberts
Red bananas are so much better than regular bananas. not even kidding 
mis amigos en el barrio
the guinea pig and rabbit after I killed them

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