Monday, June 15, 2015


Yeah, so on Saturday this awesome family cooked us some really famous food from the coast. I started eating it and all was well and I started feeling a little weird. I asked if there were peanuts and they were like. no. and I continued eating and asked again and they said no. I continued eating, asked again they said no, then I said are you sure, and then they were like.....oh crap, yeah there are peanuts. I went outside, took my epi pen, threw up for like 40 minutes, and I felt sooo bad. I felt so miserable, my throat started tightening up, so I called the mission nurse, she told me to get some certain stuff at the pharmacy. This family lives in a rural part of the bottom of the mountain and the pharmacy is way at the top of the mountain. I have to think the pharmacy is somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 feet above sea level. The air is super thin. So I was breathing super heavily, feeling sick, hiking 40 minutes up the mountain, and the pharmacy was closed! horrible day hahaha.

Church was so cool this week, we talked about the sacrament in Gospel Principles and it was so powerful. I have a strong testimony that God loves us and he is very mindful of us. I am grateful every week we have the privilege and blessing to partake of the Sacrament to renew our baptismal covenants, to have the spirit with us and to receive forgiveness of our sins. I know Christ loves us, his mission is to forgive us not to condem us. I love all of you, thanks for your love, prayers, and support, keep it coming, missions aren´t easy. HAVE A GREAT WEEK.
With Love, Elder Roberts

My nametag in Kichua or Quichua dont know how to spell it
Preach the Gospel to every creature 
Good Night from Quito 

 I dont even know what type of bird this is, but I think we are eating it soon
 Guinea Pigs taste even better
 Bunnies taste so yummy
 But First let me take a selfy
can you see the two volcanos?

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