Monday, June 22, 2015


Yeah, so this week was chill. I threw up twice, but I am getting (sick) of those stories. haha get it getting sick? 

This week one of my best friends in the ward got mugged and stabbed and it was sad, but he is doing fine now. Our investigator of gold, Daniel cant get baptized yet because his mom hasn't given him permission and she doesn't want to talk to us about it, so please keep Daniel and David in your prayers.

Yeah, so my dad is the best man I know. I cant think of anything but happy moments with him. I am waiting for the day when I can get back and just chill with him, but time is flying by here and I know I need to be busy in the Lords work. I love my Dad so much. He has sacrificed soo much for me. I cant even fathom how much he has done for me. I remember when he came to my basketball games in 3rd grade and when he let me go to speech tournaments in other states. I know my dad and I were best friends even before this world when we were living as spirits in the pre existence. 

My dad and I have so much in common. We both love learning random geographical information and playing chess and drinking Dr. Pepper ( there is no Dr. Pepper in Ecuador 

My dad is a good example to me in every way. He treats my mom like the Queen that she is. He is super strong in his testimony in Christ. He leads by example. His actions speak louder than words. I can feel his love and support during my hard times even when I am thousands of miles away in the middle of the Andes Mountains in a different continent. I can feel the love and support of him, and I can promise I wouldn't be on a mission without him.

I am grateful for Jesus Christ that made it possible that I can live with my dad for ever and that he will always be my dad and nothing can change that, not even death. 

Dad I love you. 

Elder Roberts

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