Monday, June 8, 2015


Ok, this week was absolutely great. except for like two parts which I will explain.

So, Saturday our Mamita called us and told us we needed to move lunch up to noon instead of at 3, and I just ate this huge pastry with pineapple and she made sooo much food for us. It was really good, but as I was eating I realized that it was too much for my body, I asked where the bathroom was and it was just like connected with the kitchen with a curtain dividing it. I went in there and realized I didn´t want to throw up with everyone hearing it, so I walked out and I said Oh I left my agenda outside, and it started coming, I started running outside and I struggled to open the door and right when I got to the street I just let it all out like a firehose. and then like ten dogs came down and started eating my puddle of grossness. Then my companion and the dad came out to see what was going on and I started throwing up more. 

I also got my ingrown toenail removed this week. It was the absolute most painful experience of my life.
We had soo much success, we found two new families of Gold! I testify that the Lord blesses us when we are diligent and is even now preparing people to listen to this message. It was such a testimony builder for me to find so many people who are absolutely ready to listen. 

I also met a man today from Brazil who took a picture of my district. He only spoke Portuguese and I could understand what he was saying, and I asked him where in Brazil he was from and he said Piracicaba! Where my sister just finished her mission! It is a small word. Thanks for all your prayers, support, and emails. I love most of you all. hahaha 

Elder Roberts

Little Baby Bunny. hahaha. we are going to eat its mom in two weeks.
​this lady is super awesome. she only speaks kichua I have no clue what she says but we are friends
​This is Eileens Grandap, he is one of the frist membbers and pioneers of Ecuador. He is one of the greatest examples I know! he also mostly speaks Kichua and has a pony tail. He was one of the first Bishops in all of Ecuador. 
my new favorite food, Grandanilla

the Andean Highlands

Zone Conference. Zona Quito Oeste 
 Elder Bustillo and I

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