Monday, May 25, 2015


O.k, so Santa Anita has some of the straight up coolest people ever, it is a lot more poor than my old sector, and it is sooo hard walking up and down the mountain all day, but the people here make it worth it.

This week I made a new friend. Here name is Eileen Cabascango and she is 4 years old. We visited their family and she was very timid at first, but then after an hour of ignoring me running away from me and seeking the refuge of her mom, she is now my friend. She said ¿ Quieres ser mi amigo? and I was like ¡Claro! and then she sat by me and talked and talked.  The next time we visited her she like clung onto my legs and kept on saying MI AMIGO MI AMIGO and it was great. 

Yesterday there was a little time leftover in the meeting, so the Bishop said the new Elder will share his testimony, so I walked up and started sharing my testimony and it was all reverent and stuff and then I hear this cute little voice shout Mi Amigo! hahah. My heart melted, Eileen is the cutest little girl I have met in my life and I am glad she is my friend. 

Yesterday we walked about 40 minutes directly straight up the mountain in the hot Ecuadorian sun.  I was sweating and it was hard, and there were dead dogs in the road and it smelled horrible and then I heard this voice say MI AMIGO. And Eileen was walking down the street with her family and she walked with us and told us she wants to be a missionary like us. 

Next week I am going to have a picture of me with Eileen, she is the cutest little thing ever.  The computer isn't letting me upload my pictures right now. 

Thanks for your support and prayers,
Elder Roberts

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