Monday, May 4, 2015

I don´t like spiders

Ok, so yesterday during sacrament meeting some cute little Latino kids were giving their testimonies and then my companion just turned to me and pointed and crawling up my suit was a spider and in Ecuador the spiders are slightly larger and more scary looking and I like almost died, but all was well and the spider is now living in spirit prison.

We went into Quito on Tuesday to have special training with President and it was great. Hermana Richardson gave a really good training on how we can be more dedicated missionaries. I love the trainings we have, it was good to see all of the friends.

Unfortunately the baptism we had planned for Saturday didn´t work out, but hopefully this week or next week we can get a baptism. This sector has always been hard for baptisms, but I really have faith that we can see one this change. 

So there has always been confusion between our ward boundaries and the other ward.  The stake president has said something different and the high priest leader has said something different and our bishopric said something different, so they all met together to clarify the boundaries and we found out that like 75 percent of the people we work with now officially live in the other ward boundaries. That really was sad. Either we are going to have to get the boundaries changed again or we are going to basically have to start new with finding people to teach. Lets pray for a miracle that we can keep these people in this ward. 

Happy mothers day, everyone reading this give my mom a big hug from me and my sister too now that she will be home which is crazy to think about. 

Elder Roberts
Hermana Roberts
Above some of the clouds
This is one of my best friends, Elder Miranda, he is my zone leader and he finishes up in 2 weeks and heads back to Peru. One of his old companions was from Minnesota and gave him this t shirt

I bought an old license plate. I think it is fake, but it is still cool.
Elder Caballero and me
​Me, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Caballero, and Elder Gallardo 

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