Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz Dia de la madre

¡ Hola mis amigos! I hope everyone is doing great and I hope you women out there especially had a great mothers day. This week was great in Ecuador, we had some really great moments, but today I want to focus on something more important than my mission and that is my mother.

My mom is honestly the best person in the world. I love her sooo much, and every day I miss her a ton, but I know for a fact that I would not be on a mission without her. She is the perfect example to me in almost everything. She has always been there for me, she has always encouraged me, she has helps me through really hard times, and she has an unconditional love for me. She has been a great mom since day one. I remember the night I got my big leg surgery a couple months before the mission I was just crying in the recovery room because my leg hurt so bad and I felt like I could never walk again and I wouldn't be able to go on my mission, but somehow her grabbing my hand and telling me it was going to be ok gave me all the confidence in the world.

I am inspired by the women here in Ecuador who literally have nothing and give everything to their kids. I am inspired by the women who carry their little babies in the blanket slung across their backs. I am inspired by the women in the scriptures. I know women are so important, it was only after everything else was created that Eve came to the earth, because women are queens and deserve the best.

Please give my mom big hugs for me.

We have changes next Monday. I think I am going to leave my sector because I already have 3 changes here. It will absolutely break my heart to leave the people if I have to, but I know the Lord leads this mission and maybe he needs me somewhere else. have a great week everyone. 

Elder Roberts

We´re not in Kansas anymore
The famlia San Martin
Otavalian family
So you can notice here that the lady is wearing the indigenous clothes. Her two sons and husband have pony tails. I love this family a ton and have worked with them a lot. There are about 5 different ladies in the ward that wear this type of clothing, and in otavalo and Imbabura all of the ladies wear this clothing. There are two different types of indigenous people, the other type look more like the Peruvians
This is one of my favorite families. I am going to miss them a ton.

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