Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A week of goodbyes

This week a 6 year old girl confessed her love for me and told me she wants to marry me.....

This week was an experience of a lot of hard emotions. Today I said goodbye to Calderon, I have grown to love that place and more so love the beautiful children of God there. I have been there since January, and today marks a new beginning with a new opportunity. It was also hard to say goodbye to Elder Rodriguez my last companion. We were really close, even though I was only with him for six weeks, I felt like we had known each other our whole lives and I enjoyed every second of that companionship, I know he is going to do a great job carrying on the work in Calderon.

This morning I rolled my suitcases up the street and stopped by the bakery of my favorite family, the family Cuaran. Hermana Berta saw my suitcases and knew why and we all pretty much started crying. I am going to miss that family more than anything. I promised them that if I ever come back to visit Ecuador after the mission that I would be sure to visit them. I gave them one of my name tags. They gave me a really cool souvenir. I know I was best friends with that family in the pre existence and I was so happy to have some time to get to know them as a missionary. 

I was so blessed to work in such a beautiful sector. It was so pretty, it was a mix of the city and the country. A mix of cultures. We would go from crowded cities to isolated cornfields. I liked seeing the volcano's. I was blessed for the experiences I could have. The two baptisms we had with Andy and Silvia, those two are golden and are going strong. We saw so many miracles helping to reactivate less actives, and investigators that I could help find and teach are now progressing a lot. 

I am now in Quito the city. High on a mountain that towers over the city. I am in Santa Anita, which I think is cool because my Granny's name is Anita. It is a beautiful sector, it is basically the top of a mountain. It is all a steep hill, so my leg is going to die, but God blesses his missionaries. I am here with Elder Vera, my first Latino companion from Santiago Chile. He has a ton of experience and is getting ready to finish his mission. I am excited for the new opportunities I have and am grateful for your prayers and support.

Elder Roberts

This is my old district.

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