Monday, March 30, 2015

Una Semana de Milagros

Ok, so our mission has been doing this faith in February, miracles in March thing where we make individual sacrifices to try to have more success. I have been giving up emails about sports from my families, which is hard especially to miss out on March madness. But holy cow we saw some milagros (miracles) this week.

In Ecuador the people are the nicest in the world and don't know how to reject missionaries, which can actually be frustrating because we keep on visiting them and they don't progress. So we had a ton of investigators that weren´t progressing. We decided to drop a ton of people and find the people that are ready to make commitments. We spent the last two weeks contacting hardcore and just finding new people. We now have 7 promising people with a baptismal date. The hermanas had a baptism on Saturday and all of our investigators with a date came,but unfortunately none of them came to church the next day because it was pouring rain and nobody wanted to get wet and there was a little confusion because now we meet in a new chapel.

I was really inspired by my sisters email last week that said how Christ loves the children, and I realized that we are teaching a ton of children that like us and we haven't challenged them to baptism just because the requirements are harder. They have to have a ton of attendances, so that is something that we are trying to work on.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to listen to the Prophet this week. Don´t take it lightly, this is a tremendous blessing we have to have a living prophet. In Amos 3 7 we learn that the Lord reveals nothing save it be through his servant the prophet. Without the prophet we don't have the word of God, we don't have the authority, we don't have a true church. Only a church with a prophet that has priesthood authority is true and this week we get to listen to him. I remember how I was blessed to attend the last general conference and see the prophet with my own eyes and have the spirit testify to me that really Thomas S. Monson is a prophet as was Moses and Abraham. 

We have changes next week, we don't know til late Sunday night who is leaving and then they leave early Monday morning so that way we are focused on the mission and not saying goodbye to people, I think Elder Morgan is going to go since he has more time and I am probs gonna get a Latino companion to accelerate my spanish, but we will see.

I love all of you and I am praying the Lord continues to pour out his good will on all of you.

Con Ful Amor,
Elder Roberts

I bought some souvenirs cost 4 dollars total

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