Monday, March 9, 2015

Feliz Dia de La Mujer

Alright, so I almost had another Allergic reaction this week, I was like a spoonful away form eating some soup with peanuts and than I recognized it had peanuts, what a boss. Speaking of food, I had some chicken feet this week and I had Cerviche, which is like THE food of Ecuador, so good, it is like suchi but in a cold soup, and it is so good.

Usually it is really cloudy and rains a lot, but the past couple of days have been really clear and it is so cool seeing the tops of the mountains. They are so tall and so green, even cooler now that it's clear we can see 3 volcano's from our apartment, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and some other one. You think the mountains are tall, the volcano's are super super high up there and it is really cool. 

Yesterday was Dia de La Mujer which is pretty much just another mothers day and after church the priesthood gave all the sisters flowers. I would have killed to give my mom a flower and a hug, if you are reading this and will see my mom soon give her a hug from Elder Roberts.

I did a ton of divisions this week. On Tuesday I went to Zabala con Elder Plant and that was super fun. We did some service for some old indigenous lady and taught some good lessons. On Wednesday I was with Elder Miranda who is from Peru, we were in Comite del Pueblo which is on the top of one of the mountains above Quito, it is really pretty. I taught him how to play hockey with some broomsticks and a basketball in between language study and companion study. He was an assistant and is almost done with his mission and he is a really good teacher, I learned a ton. Thursday I was with Elder Parker here in Llano Grande and holy cow he is a powerful missionary, we had some really good lessons.

Last night was really hard. Our really promising family has progressed a ton this week, but their dad hasn´t listened to any of the lessons and last night we went to teach them and he had us come outside with him and he straight up told us that he didn't want us to come back and he didn't want us to have his family make commitments or there would be problems, and he is ex military.... He was like ¨Oh I am a faithful Christian and I love the Bible, but I don't want you telling my kids they need to keep the commandments.¨I was so rattled. The ex debater non elder Roberts version of me wanted to whip out my Bible and read him like 50 verses telling him how everything he just said was stupid, but I am wearing that name tag and have to not give into the spirit of contention, so we are just patiently like trying to resolve that problem, we will see what happens. 

Con Ful Amor,
Elder Roberts

Me with two Elders.

Here's our house after we cleaned it.

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