Monday, March 2, 2015

Ecuador es lo mejor

Alright so this week has been just craziness squared. I had another allergic reaction this week and ended up taking another epipen, but I don't think its peanuts. I think its something else so I am going to get tested for allergies in the hospital sooner or later.

We had some cool miracles this week. We were walking everywhere up and down in the middle of nowhere trying to teach people with this member Jhon Collahuaso and he is getting ready to leave for his mission in a couple of months.  It was just about time to call it a day and Jhon was like we need to try this street and we found this really promising family. We are really making progress with alot of our investigators.

We found this menos activo from Otavalo who is living in Oyacoto now and we were working with him in this little concrete shack with a dirt floor and just a candle for light and I was like wow this is legit. It is amazing to see how important humility is and how we are so much more receptive to learn and accept things when we are humble. 

We taught Silvia and Andy about temples. I am so blessed for my parents that were sealed in the temple and I know that we can live with God as an Eternal Family. It is really hard for the people here to go to the temple because it costs a lot to take the 8 hour trip to Guyaquil, it is a really hard goal for a lot of people, I am definitely going to take a lot more advantage of the temple when I get back. If you are reading this and live by a temple go as much as you can and do what you need to do to get there. It is such a blessing.

I appreciate all of your prayers and emails, if you haven't emailed me yet, I would love to hear from you and please continue to keep me in your prayers, as rewarding and as great as the mission is, it is really really hard and I would love it if you could keep Elder Roberts in your prayers.

I hope everyone is doing well, Cuidense Mucho

Con Ful Amor, Elder Roberts

Me and my Mission Pres and his wife with Quito in the background

Me with some of the new missionaries

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