Monday, March 16, 2015

Un Año mas de vida

Well, this week was great. I think I worked harder this week than any other week on the mission. First of all, I got this new shampoo made from some type of Ecuadorian fruits or something that smells super delicious and I look forward to using it every day.

On Tuesday, I had divisions with Elder Spencer and we just worked our sector hard. We contacted like over 20 people without trying and just worked worked worked and just helped some people out and it was great. We had a ton of success. 

We found some awesome new people to teach this week. and we taught this catholic priest guy which was interesting. We did so much walking. I mean we always do a ton of walking. We don't have cars or bikes, its just walking and its not nice roads, its literally all rocky dirty paths up and down mountains, but hey its all good. But yeah my legs are tired all the time. It was a week with a ton of sun which was awesome, I am getting so tan and I love the sun.

​My buddy Elder Plant and I in the beautiful Zabala, and when I say the roads are rough we literally walked down the mountain on the rocky terrain that you can see behind me

So Saturday was my birthday which was awesome. I guess all my Ecuatoriano facebook friends found out that it was my birthday so I was in for some surprises. I forgot it was my birthday all of Saturday cuz we were just trying to work hard, but at the end of the day we went to the casa de la familia Cuaran and they had a cake and everything for me, I love that family.

One of my favorite families, I am standing next to Michele who posted on my facebook 

 I love the people here. I love alot of things here, but the people are definitely the best. Unfortunately on Saturday night our neighbors had a huge party and there are no noise ordinance laws here in Ecuador so like our apartment was just blasted by music and it was impossible to sleep and we heard all this gross latino music and all of these drunk people doing stupid things, and I was sooo tired for church and then after church we were walking and I was going to collapse I was so tired. 

This week is Stake Conference, 2 Seventies are coming, the Mission President, and the Temple President will be there and I am so excited. And then General Conference is around the corner. I love listening to our leaders, I know they are inspired men and women who can receive revelation to help us out. Ephesians 4 tells us the important of leaders to unify us and to help us perfect ourselves and change our lives in the manner Christ wants. I love teaching people there is a living Prophet and more importantly a living Savior. 

I know this is the Lords work and I know we have a purpose here in this life. I hope you all have a good week, thanks for the birthday wishes.

Elder Roberts

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Where Ecuador was dedicated for the preaching of the Gospel

​we are above the clouds

​Me in a cornfield overlooking the airport

Elder Chavez, he is freaking hilarious

 ​Silvia´s Baptism......YAY. it was really sunny out, the sun here is huge so that is why everyone is squinting

Actually his name is Elder Ramponi, he was my first district leader, he is from Argentina. we switched tags for a little 

This is for you, Parker!

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