Monday, August 29, 2016


Well, this has been a great week getting to know the sector. Even though I only have a week with Elder Miranda, I already feel like we are best friends and we are getting along super well and seeing a ton of miracles. 

Last Thursday our mamita  wasn't there, so we had to go eat out at a restaurant and I got like fried chicken with french fries.  I have eaten that so many times here in Ecuador and they never put in peanuts, but for some reason this restaurant put like a peanut sauce on the chicken which I didn't realize until about 5 minutes into eating it. Holy cow, I have never had such a bad allergic reaction in all the times I have eaten peanuts in the mission. My mouth was soooo swollen and I had a hard time breathing. I took my epi pen but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Anyways, I tried calling the nurse and she didn't answer, then I tried calling the mission President, didn't answer, the mission Presidents wife, didn't answer and I was dying, so finally I called the assistants and they answered and they were with the nurses and the nurse from Argentina was like yeah go buy this medicine and rest and I was like I need to go to a hospital because I am dying and she was like the mission only accepts the main hospital in Quito, you will have to come here, even tho it is like 2 hours away and I was like, if I don't get to a hospital in like 10 minutes I am going to die, and then she passed the phone to the new nurse and she was like, yeah go to the nearest hospital as fast as you can and we will meet you there. 

We ran to the hospital and there were a ton of people in line in the emergency room but they bumped me up to number one and the doctors put an oxygen mask on me within seconds of getting there and then injected me with stuff and I got stuff

Well, what I didn't realize when I first got here is that a good chunk of my sector here in Yaruqui is the famous El Quinche, where a huge catholic church is located where the Pope Fransisco came and all of that jazz. It is super beautiful, but this sector is sooooo catholic, the people here are so closed and I have never been so rejected in my whole mission. it is defs an interesting experience. 

Well yesterday was super cool. Our Mission President came to church with us. I love President Murphy, he came to church here in the branch and it was super cool.  He helped us out a ton and got to know some of our investigators.  It was kind of a surprise having him there and right before the sacrament the counselor in the branch presidency was like hey Elder Roberts can you give the 2nd talk and I was like sure. I think most missionaries would be nervous to give a talk right on spot and especially do so in front of the mission President, but I was totally fine and I thought it was a pretty good talk.

The church is so true, I have no doubt about it. It makes me so sad to see how many people don't accept the truth. So many people that think their purpose in life is to have fun or make money.  It is sad to see people I love in bad paths that are contrary to the commandments of God. I know this Gospel is so important, it means everything. Jesus Christ means everything in my life. It is sad to see so much confusion in the world regarding Jesus, I know that today Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that he reveals to us the true doctrines regarding our Savior Jesus Christ. I so testify as one of his representatives in his sacred name Amen. 

Elder Roberts
 I ate Peanuts this week and almost died, no big deal
 Elder Phipps and I are mutual friends of Kyle Madsen
 I tried to get a pic with the volcano in the background but it didn't turn out that well


  1. So glad Logan got to hospital for treatment for his allergy!

  2. So glad Logan got to hospital for treatment for his allergy!