Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Well the truth is I don't have much time online, I wasn't really able to write yesterday because I spent the whole day traveling from Quininde to Yaruqui. It was so hard to leave Quininde behind, I had so many unforgettable experiences there and I had grown to love the people so much. Yesterday in the morning I said goodbye to some of my favorite people there and I left Quininde in tears, but I am happy to be here in Yaruqui it seems like a cool place.

I am here with Elder Miranda he is 19 years old and is from La Paz Bolivia. He recently completed 6 months on the mission and he seems like a great missionary and I am excited to work with him. I am not sure if it is cold here in la sierra or if it was just super hot in the coast, but I am freezing here and I have a little bit of a cold. I can already feel the difference in the altitude, the air is a lot thinner here, the sector here has a little bit of hills too but not anything like my last sector. 

In my short time here we have already had a super cool experience. Last night we were contacting and after our first 4 contacts told us to leave them alone we found a 16 year old boy named Marco who I swear is going to be a golden investigator. He believes in God but hasn't attended any type of church because he doesn't know which one is right and why they all teach different things. We were able to teach him the restoration and as my companion shared the first vision, tears were streaming down Marcos face and the spirit was so strong there. He is so excited to get baptized and to learn more. He accepted a baptismal date for the 17th of September and we are going to visit him today and probs like every day until his baptism, but he is cool. There are a lot of people with potential here.

I am in a branch. The church here meets in a casa capilla, in a house. So that will be a fun experience and the branch president actually isn't from here he is from Cumbya, but is assigned to come here to be the branch president so that might be hard since he lives a little ways away. I am happy to be here and I love the mission. I am now with my twelfth companion in my 6th sector, my 3rd companion from Bolivia and my second companion from La Paz. I guess one day I will have to visit Bolivia to meet up with all of my old companions hahaha. 

I hope you all have a great week,
Love, Elder Roberts

Me and Elder Delgado 
 Last district meeting
Elder Delgado and I  

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