Monday, August 15, 2016

la cota diga

Well this last week honestly has been pretty average. Nothing super crazy to report on. One thing that is making me super sad is that this is week 6 of the change so next week we have changes and there is a good possibility that I am going to go. I have grown to love Quininde a ton, the place, the people, my companion, and it is going to be really hard to leave it all behind. I am pretty sure whatever next sector I have will be my last sector in my mission. I am excited to see what happens, but I am going to be devastated to leave Quininde.  Changes have easily always been the hardest part of the mission. 

Well Saturday night we had a ward activity called Una Noche en Hawaii, or a Night in Hawaii and it was absolutely terrible.  The only people there to run it were my companion, the ward mission leader, the relief society president, and myself and then like nobody else was there even tho all of the organizations were in charge and we had a mountain of investigators there and there wasn't like any activity set up. Anyways I learned a lot of patience that night. I was so stressed out that we had people there and there wasn't an activity. We had to change things up we were able to unlock the office get the tv out and see a dvd of the church and I think it turned out to be an ok experience for our investigators.

Church was super chill yesterday. We have been giving capacitations to the members all of the Sunday mornings at 7 in the morning for the past 3 weeks on how to better their teachings and how to participate in a lesson and things like that and that ended up being our last class that we are going to teach. The classes have been fun, I like teaching. 

on Friday a member of the bishopric who is super awesome accompanied us the whole day and we were able to find like 3 new families, none of them came to church but they are all pretty solid and we have some good visits lined up for this next week.

Well that is pretty much all I have to report on this week, I am going to give it my all this week and we will see what happens.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Roberts
 Up high.

 Cesar being stupid
 Familia Nazareno

 Its really a man.

 Messing with Cesar
 Smallest banana
 Youth of Israel

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