Monday, September 5, 2016

Temblores, Catolicas, Milagros, Rechazo

Well this Week Ecuador played Brazil in soccer here in Quito and we lost three to zero, and as the game was happening all of our visits happened to fall through and my companion and I decided to say a prayer and we felt like we should knock doors. We were in the super catholic Quinche in this time and honestly I wasn't sure why we we kept on knocking doors because every door we knocked got slammed in our face. After the tenth door we were feeling pretty sad and felt defeated and we were walking down the street and a man came running out of the door that just got slammed in our face and caught up with us in the street and said Elders, I haven't gone to church for 3 months and my family and I just moved from Riobamba, where is the church and when can you visit us.........what a miracle! Our diligence payed off and Heavenly Father really needed us to find this family, they are la familia Ron, they are members of the church that want to get sealed but have been a little less active lately because they recently moved here from Riobamba and haven't been able to find the chapel.

They came to church yesterday and we visited them last night and about 10 minutes into the visit the house started shaking pretty strong and we realized we were in an earthquake! So of course we all left the house running like little girls haha, but I thought by leaving the coast I would be leaving the earthquakes, but apparently the earth quakes here in Quito too so that is interesting stuff. But fortunately we are all ok and as far as I have seen there wasn't really any destruction.

We had our district meeting on Thursday and about halfway through the meeting Elder Calderon an Area seventy here walked into the chapel with a couple of other men and he sat through a little bit of the meeting, I thought it was pretty cool that there was a 70 here.  He congratulated us on our good work and told us that they are surveying land to build a chapel here in Yaruqui, ( right now we have our meetings in a house and there isn't enough space, even tho the branch is pretty small, I think it will be great to have a chapel!) 

My companion and I were accompanied by two future missionaries on Friday night and all of our visits fell through so we all said a prayer together and looked for guidance as to what we should do. After we prayed my companion felt inspired to lead us to a less active family and right when we showed up the mom told us she prayed to God saying she doesn't believe in him anymore because just in this past month her husband abandoned her and she was passing through some hard problems. She was so mad at God and told us right in that moment she just said a prayer telling God she didn't believe in him.............All I can say is there are no coincidences in missionary work, when all of the visits fall through it is for a reason, the Lord really uses us as instruments in his hands and I am so grateful to be a missionary. It is such a miracle. 

Well things are going good, my companion and I are doing great and are enjoying the blessings the Lord is giving to us. This sector is easily the hardest sector that I have had in the mission, but there is also so much potential and I know that if I do the best I can do and if I strive to be obedient that the Lord can help us out in what we need and can change our weaknesses into strengths. 

I love you all and hope that you all have a good week.
Elder Roberts
Feed my sheep 
 An Old lady we helped in her field
Catholic church selfie
Our sector is close to the airport

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