Monday, September 12, 2016


Well this week wasn't super eventful. Last Monday when p-day ended and we started to work it started to pour rain here in Yaruqui, but as missionaries we had to keep on working and all of our visits fell through so we decided to do some contacting.  We found a huge hill and decided to contact as we walked up the hill and we found a nice lady who let us teach her and her family.........For realz, every time I have worked in the rain, things have always gone well.

Well, this week has been hard, we are having such a hard time getting our investigators to progress and finding investigators that have potential. It is so hard here. I am trying to be as optimistic as I can and I feel like that is the best I can do right? It makes me mad sometimes how people use their agency so stupidly.  It makes me sad to think that even tho I am representing the truth, that our numbers are tiny to compare to the millions of people living in apostasy around here. Sometimes I ask myself why does it have to be like this?   I studied a lot about agency this week. I know Heavenly Father loves us so much that the only way we could progress to receive the blessings to live with him again was through agency. He had to leave our future up to us.......He cant force anyone to join the truth, he cant force us to progress, he cant force us to live with him again.. I think that is what I had to learn this week, the importance of honoring agency and accepting that not everyone is going to use their agency for the best.

Well that is pretty much all I have to say. Please pray that we can have a good and successful week. I love you all and hope all goes well. I am optimistic about the opportunities that there will be this week. 

Love, Elder Roberts
 With Billy the goat

 A dog eating half of a pig in the street
 The Catholics marching the virgin through the streets
 In front of one of the many catholic churches in my sector
Trying to not fall asleep while contacting 

 This little baby isn't even a week old

 My companion and I with Marieli
They set this thing in fire in the park

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