Monday, May 2, 2016


I apologize if the spelling is bad, this keyboard is really bad and I am having a hard time to get the letter e to show up.  Anyways, Quninde is super awesome, I am really loving it and really enjoying my time here, but holy cow I am never going to get used to the heat or humidity.

Last Monday I took a road trip to Quito with Elder Purtil and Elder Day from my zone, it was super awesome, we got a Dominos pizza and we spent the night with a ton of missionaries that I hadn't seen for a long time from the different parts of the mission. Tuesday we had a reunion for all the district and zone leaders with President Richardson and it was super awesome. I learned a ton and I saw  a TON of my friends, including my first companion Elder Morgan. We were wearing the same tie without planning it which was funny. He finishes his mission this change. After the meeting Sister Richardson was waiting for all of us outside the chapel with a ton of boxes of Papa Johns Pizza. It was the best, just sitting there with Elder Morgan remembering old times.

This week my companion and I found out something very important. This happened Wednesday night, we had finished our planning for Thursday and we were just laying in our beds talking and He asked me what I miss about my house and I told him that I played the violin, even though I really played viola nobody down here knows what a viola is, so I just tell people that I play violin so thy understand. Anyways, my companion was like, oh yeah I played an instrument similar to the violin, its called the viola, and I as like WHAT THE HECK. MY COMPANION FROM LA PAZ BOLIVIA PLAYS THE VIOLA. So we got that viola swag going on down here.

Elder Antezana is super awesome, we are just continuing to work super hard, literally just talking with everyone in our path. Not any super crazy stories to tell,  but I know this church is true. I have received spiritual witness in my life many times that have reassured m that th same church that Jesus Christ established in his life has been restored and that God loves us and has prepared many blessings for us. I love you ll and pray that you have a good week.


Love you all, Elder Roberts

Drinking from Orange coconuts
 The baptism of Cesar
 My companion is dying from mosquitos
Dean Larson is famous

 Everytime you send me a letter or box, it goes to this building
 This is the face I make when it looks like it is going to rain
 Just enjoying that volcano sunset
 The volcano cotacachi
 We found a super green part of our sector in Otavalo where there is a waterfall

 An old Otavalanian lady making tostado

With the tia of la familia cordova tituaña

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