Monday, May 16, 2016

Su Gracia es suficiente

Well, this week was infinitely better than this last week. I am feeling a lot better physically and we were able to work super hard and see a ton of miracles.  I had so many special experiences this week and I want to thank all of you for your prayers that definitely helped me during a physically hard time.

On Wednesday we went to Esmeraldas where I had my last interview with President Richardson.  It was a great interview and he gave me a lot of great counsel. It is going to be sad seeing him go as he is completing his 3 years here. I am infinitely grateful for all the help he has given me here on the mission. I will be eternally grateful for him and his wife. 

This week I did my first baptismal interview. I did it on Saturday and Saturday was honestly a terrible day. We had a ton of super well planned visits, but all of them fell through and we were left with only contacting. So we contacted the whole day and literally found nobody. We were being diligent and talking with as many people as we could, but nobody wanted to listen to us. It was terrible, so we got to the chapel in the evening to do the interview and I wasn't in the best mood. I was pretty frustrated, so I decided to try to change my attitude and I went into a room and prayed and read some Doctrine and Covenants and I felt a lot better. I felt the spirit comfort me and I felt my mood change and I was ready for the interview. I interviewed a little 12 year old girl and the interview was just the greatest thing ever. She had such a special spirit and she is so excited to get baptized. I really felt the spirit guide me and it was an experience I will never forget. I hope I will be able to do more interviews. It is amazing how strong the spirit is.

After the interview we had a ward activity, and it was super great. We watched a 20 minute movie of the restoration and we had a ton of investigators, recent converts, and less actives there and it was perfect. Then we played some games! Afterwords, the member of the bishopric who was in charge asked one of our new investigators to say the prayer, and I was super nervous thinking why did he call on her, she hasn't even been to church yet, but she said the prayer really well and she came to church the next day and she is progressing. 

Saturday while we were contacting and everything was falling apart we had a miracle. We have this super cool investigator named Anderson who is 17 years old and he has every desire in the world to be a missionary.  Anyways we wanted to visit him on Saturday in Quninde because he lives like an hour away from the city and he told us to call him Saturday morning to plan a time, so we tried calling him in the morning but he didn't answer, then his dad answered cuz it is really his dads phone and his dad was working in the plantation far away, anyways we couldn't schedule a visit with Anderson and we were sad, but we did everything we could to visit him and that was enough. As we were walking around looking for new people, Anderson found us and we got to sit down with him on a bench in a park for 40 minutes and just talk about where he was at and where he wants to go. It was so great, we did everything we could, we were being diligent and the Lord did his part.

I testify that the Lord's Grace carries us when we can't carry ourselves. I know it is by Grace we are saved after all that we can do. I know Grace is real because I know God is real and he loves us and always wants to help us.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Here is the only picture I took this week, we have had 2 lizards running around our house since I have been here and this week they had babies so now we have a family of lizards in our house and they are super hard to catch, but we were finally able to catch one. haha

Elder Roberts

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