Monday, May 9, 2016


Yeah, so yesterday was the first mothers day in my life where I didn't even get to talk to my mother.  I need to let her know that I love her dearly and miss her and am excited to talk to her today!

My mom is the best, she is the most Christlike person that I know, She is the definition of the word charity,. She is soo awesome and has been an absolute ANGEL in my life. I never realized how hard it would be to be so far away from her and the rest of my family, but I know I am where the Lord needs me right now and that the Lord will protect and take care of my family while I am away and he has done that so far. I know God keeps with his promises, but all of those that are reading this that see my mom on a regular basis need to give her a suuuppppeeerrr big hug from me. 

So this week I got super sick. I have gotten sick way to many times on my mission.  I have had parasites, infections, and everything, but this week was easily the worst. So Tuesday my companion and I went to Quito to get my companions last vaccination of rabies, because he got bit by a dog a while ago and we wanted to get back to Quninde as fast as possible, so we didn't stop for lunch we just got some sketchy food at the bus station and I think that is what made me sick. Wednesday in the middle of the day I started feeling sick and I started throwing up and I called the nurse and she told me to rest. After a ton of throwing up, and diarrhea, I started having a fever. Thursday I went to the local doctor who told me I had an infection in my intestines that was super strong and he gave me some meds and I took them but I kept on throwing everything up. I got super dehydrated.   Here in the coast it is SUPER HOT. and it is so important to stay hydrated, but I was throwing up everything that I tried to drink and I started feeling dizzy.

I decided to take a cold shower and for the first time in my life I fainted. Fortunately I fell through the shower curtain which helped slow down my fall, I didn't get any bruises or anything, but I hurt my bad leg pretty bad. Anyways, my companion helped me wake up and get dressed and stuff and then I called the nurse and I went to a local clinic here in Quininde and they were like yeah you are severely dehydrated, so they gave me an i.v. with some water and I went back home but that night I kept on throwing up and throwing up, so I called the nurse and she was like you need to come to Quito and I was like, but I am just going to throw up all over the bus and it is a horrible bus ride, she is like it doesn't matter you need to come. so we left, best decision ever.

My companion gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing before the bus ride and that definitely helped, even though I was miserable I didn't throw up on the bus and we made it to the hospital where I walked in like super super dizzy and they sat me down and took great care of me. I found out that being super dehydrated had affected my kidneys more than anything so the hospital got me super hydrated. Being so dehydrated made it so my kidneys didn't have the necessary water to produce their chemicals and stuff and the doctors were super concerned about my kidneys which is why I had to spend so much time in the hospital.  They said if I even had come a couple hours or a day later the consequences would have been a lot different on my kidneys. I KNOW the Lord takes care of us when we turn to him, he definitely protected me in a hard time and kept me from danger.

So that is my life. ok have a great week. I love you all.
Elder Roberts
 Just chillin in the E.R. like a boss
Scripture power, is the power to win!
Taking those nightly calls like a boss! 

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