Monday, April 25, 2016


Well, Quininde is completely different in every aspect possible than Quito and Otavalo and Tulcan. Here it is suuuppppeerrrr hot and super humid. I am sweating like a beast here. I am showering in the morning and nights. We have a ton of fans in our house, the church has fans, the beds don't have blankets cuz we don't need them. It is SO HOT HERE.  The accent is super different here, everyone drops the s and everyone says diga. hahaha I had a super funny moment in sacrament meeting yesterday. A drunk man walked into the chapel and shouted. Son los mormones diga and then he sat down and was eating some fried chicken and being really obnoxious.  I was surprised that the bishop didn't kick him out.

Elder Antezana is my companion, he is 22 years old and from La Paz Bolivia, but he looks gringo cuz his ancestors are from Europe, he is super cool. He is super obedient and diligent and helps me a ton and we are just working our tails off here like there is no tomorrow and seeing miracles. Today in the morning I went to get my haircut and we entered a peluqueria or a barbershop and we heard a mans voice say espereme un ratiko, and we waited and out came a woman, well we thought it was a woman, but it was really a man.......and I was like heck no, he aint cuttin my hair or touching me. So as this gender confused man was preparing the chair and his supplies I pretended that I received my phone call and my companion and I HAULED out of there and went to another barbershop.

We had so many miracles this week. I want to share two with you. Yesterday all of our visits fell through and we didn't have much to do.  We prayed to see what we should do and we felt inspired to go to a part of the sector called Cupa, where we haven't worked much. Well as we were waiting for the bus to get there we were talking with a young kid named Anthony there at the bus stop and he was excited to talk with us. Turns out missionaries had taught him years ago and then stopped visiting him. We took the bus to Cupa but from there we had to walk like 40 minutes through rainforest to get to his house.  There were snakes and frogs and it was awesome. I was sweating a ton, but we were able to teach his family and it was amazing how the Lord put him in our path. 

The other experience was a family we found this week contacting. They let us in and we shared La Familia Una Proclamacion para el mundo with them and they loved it. They are super hardcore Catholics and they are really active in their church. We had a return visit with them yesterday and to be honest I was super nervous and scared to teach them the restoration...But when we showed up, they had already read the pamphlets we left with them and wanted to know more and told us they had been looking for the truth and wanted the Book of Mormon, so all of my nerves and anxiety left and I felt a peaceful spirit the whole visit and we taught the restoration with the spirit there. It was a very spiritual visit and the spirit really guided us as to what we should say. It was amazing. Hopefully they can receive an answer this week that what we had shared is true.  They would be a super powerful family in Zion.

So this week we continued to feel aftershocks, a ton of aftershocks.  I'm not gonna lie it is kind of cool just like wow there is an earthquake right now. Supposedly, we are going to be feeling more. Quninde wasn't that affected, just a little bit of damage, more than anything a ton of landslides where there are hills, some streets closed recovering from landslides. We went to Esmeraldas to go to the zone conference and there is some more damage there, but for how close the earthquake has been, no major damage. Some people we teach have bruises and broken bones from falling, but nothing compared to what those in the province of Manabi have experienced. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us and protects us. I wish you all a great week. 

Love, Elder Roberts

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