Monday, April 18, 2016

I was in an EARTHQUAKE

Well, sorry if I don't respond to your emails, cuz today I will be spending the whole day in a bus going to my new sector! I got assigned to the coast. I will be going to Quininde, and I am going to be the district leader! I am pretty excited. I am going to miss San Roque a ton. My heart will always be here with my Otavalian friends. It will be interesting to see how I get to the coast, cuz form what I heard the earthquake here has damaged like all of the roads to the we will see what happens.

Ok, so Saturday night my companion and I were up high on the volcano and we were just showing up to the house of La Familia Cordova Tituaña, our recent converts. They were outside washing clothes and they came to greet us and then from there the ground started moving. It took me a couple seconds to realize that there was an earthquake happening, but the ground was shaking and it was kind of hard to keep balance. It wasn't super bad here. More than anything small objects fell off of shelves and one of the little kids fell. It only lasted like 10 or 15 seconds it seemed like, but I thought it was kind of cool that I was in an earthquake. We are all super sad here to find out about the many deaths to those living on the coast near the epicenter. From what I have heard when I get to the coast I am going to be seeing a lot of damage.

I enjoyed my last week here, it was filled with many spiritual experiences. I can honestly say that I love the people here.  I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who permitted me to serve here among the sons and daughters of Lehi, the Lamanites. I loved going to church in a ward that speaks Kichuwa. 

Sorry if this is short and I don't send pics, I have to go to the bus station, gonna spend the whole day in the bus and pros wont be able to respond to your emails until next week. I wish you all the best. Please pray for Ecuador, the people here are very sad and I am sure when I show up to the coast it will be a very different scene.

Elder Roberts
The flag of Ecuador

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