Monday, March 28, 2016


Is it bad that I didn't know that it was Easter this last week until I opened my emails and got all of these Happy Easter letters? I thought Easter was this next week.....Here all of the Catholics are celebrating semana santa, so that has been cool. 

So, we went to Quito on Tuesday and we were on the super crowded bus, and I ended up getting shoved next to another gringo. Here the buses in Ecuador are packed like sardines, it is super uncomfortable and dangerous on the bus. Anyways, I got shoved into this gringo who tried telling me in Spanish that my tie was cool and than I was like gracias, hey I speak English too. and we started talking.  I found out he is from Finland, and then he is like, so are you here on a mission trip? I AM NOT ON A MISSION TRIP.  MISSION TRIPS ARE WHEN HIGH SCHOOL KIDS GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO TEACH ENGLISH OR BUILD HOUSES FOR A COUPLE WEEKS WHICH IS GREAT. I AM HERE FOR 2 YEARS NOT TO LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE OR BUILD HOUSES EVEN THOUGH I HAVE HELPED OUT A LITTLE IN BOTH OF THOSE THINGS. I AM HERE ON A MISSION. I AM HERE TO HELP BRING MORE OF HEAVENLY FATHERS CHILDREN TO HIM, TO HELP THEM FIND SALVATION, TO TEACH THEM THE GOSPEL. ok nuff said. 

OK, well I don't have much to say. Another slowish week. I am super happy to be here in San Roque, last night we had a miracle. Every month, the ward has a ward noche de hogar , or a ward family home evening and it was super awesome. We got a ton of investigators to go and they asked me to share my testimony, I like almost never cry...but yesterday I just started balling during my testimony and telling everyone how much I love them and their language and their culture, it was super awesome. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father sent me here. I couldn't have asked for a better place to serve a mission.

The ward went to the temple this last week and a lot of families that were baptized a year ago went to get sealed for time and all eternity. It was super awesome to listen to their testimonies yesterday in sacrament meeting.

I am sooo excited for General Conference, General Conference is like the best thing on the mission. I testify that there are living prophets and apostles here to guide us. I remember going with Jayden, and Calon, and the whole Minnesota crew 2 Octobers ago to the General Conference and I was amazed and could feel the spirit testify to me that in these days prophets walk the earth. I was so excited 6 weeks ago when I saw Elder Holland and got to shake his hand, and I am excited to see what him and all the other apostles have to say. I encourage all of you to watch Conference and look for answers to your questions. I know that God lives, and listens to our prayers, and answers our questions. 

Love, Elder Roberts

Just got a chicken foot in my mouth

Lets just say this soup didn't agree with my stomach

Celebrating my birthday a little late in the zone 
We found a bamboo hut in our sector 

 I saw the train
 Me seeing the train
 Me with la familia Cordova Tituaña
 Alberto, Lisbeth, Aaden and I 

 I dressed up as a wawki on Sunday, my selifie with Hermano Jorge Montalvo
I found a Nazi here in Ecuador

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