Monday, March 14, 2016

Ñuca Charini Ishkaychunga watata

I am now 20 years old, I think today has been the most uneventful birthday I have had, but yeah thanks for all the Happy Birthdays I love you all. I feel like 20 years ago I was probably getting my last goodbyes from my Heavenly Family and maybe even Parker and Clayton were there and Heavenly Father probably told me, I am going to send you to the best family on the earth, and I love my family. I miss you all!

Well, I ate peanuts yesterday, I ended up using the epi pen, and then we hauled from the house where I ate the peanuts to our house which was like 35 minutes walking down the volcano. When we got to the house I realized my pants were soaked in blood...I guess I must have put my epi pen in an artery or something, but I didn't even realize it was bleeding so bad until I got home and saw so much blood, it kind of freaked me out, but I am all better now. I hate peanuts.

We saw the largest tarantula that exists this last week. We were walking down the dark street and saw something move and shined the flashlight our cell phone has on it and it was huge! I was so scared!

Have you ever felt like you could be an angel for someone? Like you were the means of answering someones prayers? That has happened a couple times to me on the mission, but the most significant I feel like was this week. Before lunch, there wasn't much to do, so my companion and I planned to do a surprise visit to one of the old widows in the ward named Maria Mercedes. She has to be like 80 or almost 90 years old and barely speaks any Spanish. She has a super hard time getting to church, cuz she lives like 15 minutes walking away from the chapel, but directly up and to walk up and down the volcano her legs cant handle it that much, so she comes like once a month, but she has to leave like 2 hours early to walk to the church. 

We showed up to her house to surprise her, and she wasn't there.....she is always there. we were very surprised because it is hard for her to physically leave her house. We decided to go to our plan b which was like 20 minutes away. My companion being new to the sector didn't know how to get there, so we were walking towards our plan b and my companion asked is it this street and really the street he indicated was the fastest way to get there, but I felt this tiny little feeling to take the small chaquiñan which is Kichuwa for foot path. We went on this tiny little path along one of the cataracts here and I am not sure why, but as we crossed a turn, we saw this old lady. Then we realized it was her! IT WAS THE LADY WE HAD PLANNED TO VISIT! We caught up to her and she was crying, she was so sad. She fell the day before and she was in so much pain. We helped her walk a little bit, me on one side, my companion on the other and we took her to a spot to rest. She cried and said she felt alone and she was just praying that she could be comforted. We showed up in the right place at the right time. We just sat there in path with her and listened to her for like 40 minutes. We just let her talk and we listened. We couldn't understand much cuz it was almost all kin Kuchuwa, but she wanted a blessing too. So on that tiny, muddy path, my companion and I got our pants muddy as we knelt there next to her as she was laying down and we gave her a blessing. I never felt so needed in my life. I have had too many experiences where I have been in the right place on the right time that I cant believe in coincidence. What I do believe is that God answers his prayers and sends Angels to protect his children when they need them. I am glad he sent my companion and I to this lady right when she needed someone there for her.

I have learned to love old people, they are so cute. Especially the old indigenous people here. haha

Love you all,
Elder Roberts

These are Sunday clothes here in Otavalo.
 I honestly have no clue what happened in this picture?
 After walking an hour up the volcano and watching the clouds slowly come down the volcano
 We where an hour late of seeing these little baby pigs get born
So there have been a lot of these beetles out on the street

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